Diet and Medication Main

The available weight reducing medications and their active ingredients

Despite our perception with body image and weight loss, the prevalence of overweight and obesity continues to rise dramatically in the past two decades globally. In the USA, it has been estimated that 66%...
1200 Calories

Why can’t I eat less than 1200 calorie on my diet?

Many of us want to lose weight. We want to lose it fast, maybe because we have a special occasion coming up. We understand. However, under all circumstances, you should not be eating less than...
Miracle Nassif Main

Miracle Nassif: A pro athlete, a fitness guru, and a style icon

Who is Miracle Nassif? Miracle is a hardcore athlete. She is the kind of girl who would fight with one hand and win just because she has an injury in the other. Miracle Nassif has...

Success Stories

Yassin Mostafa: A PE teacher by day and a kickass coach...

We sat down with Coach Yassin Mostafa for an interview and talked all about his motivational journey and success story. When did your passion for...

Hazem Rabei runs the world

Hazem Rabei is a 40-year old Businessman, working in the fields of jewelry and silver. Hazem played sports a lot as a kid, football, tennis, swimming,...

Your guide to the extraordinary fitness studios of Cairo

Don't get us wrong, gyms are great. we love them. However, sometimes we don't feel like working out alone or doing our regular gym...

7 fitness studios in New Cairo to workout, dance, and meditate

Some people are not interested in joining a gym to walk on the treadmill and lift weights. They are more concerned with exercising with...
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