9 Skin Care Tips To Shield You From The Summer Sun

It’s summer already, and the season requires a special skin care routine! Try not to skip any of the following tips in order to keep your skin adequately moisturized, nurtured, and healthily glowing!
Sherif Bendary - Summer Workout

Sherif Bendary – 8 Workouts For Partners To Get Ready For The Summertime

As the sunny season approaches, we’re all craving the fit summer body. Luckily, we won’t be needing to spend indefinite hours working out at the gym, because Sherif Bendary, head coach at...

Chiliboats| El-Gouna’s Trendy Sport Bikes This Summer

Heading to the beach This summer?  We have something new to try!  A tinkered innovation that is just suitable for all age groups out there, introduced by Green Marine, who just happened...

Success Stories

Habeba Elkhouly: Rising above doubts, pain, and vulnerability.

Habeba Elkhouly has given dauntless a meaning, undergoing surgery over and over, for 4 times despite the  horrific pain and physicians’ differences....

Lead Actors Who Aced Their Physique In Ramadan 2019

Another round of TV drama hit our TVs over a week ago. Now that we have seen a few episodes here and...


Rock Your Body In Sahel 2019

Heading to Sahel for a vacation? No problem! These gyms and fitness venues have packed up and moved along to the beach...

9 Healthy Food Destinations in El Sahel for Summer’19

The beach season is no excuse to refrain from healthy eating habits! We bring to you 8 restaurants in El Sahel that...
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