9 months Partner WOD

The 9 months Partner WOD

(Disclaimer: This post is not intended as medical advice. Every situation and every pregnancy are different, so please consult your doctor for guidance.) The biggest myth of all time that women cannot exercise during pregnancy. When...

A tantrum at the mall vs. a candy bag, don’t choose the easiest

On very casual day at the mall, your kid will definitely stop you by the candy booth. You find his eyes piercing through all the candies there. It is not only about your heart...
Crossfit Male Rise

The rising male stars of CrossFit

A few weeks ago, we shared with you a list of the rising female stars of CrossFit. Today, we decided to share with you the male version - the promising names of male CrossFitters. If...

Your guide to the extraordinary fitness studios of Cairo

Don't get us wrong, gyms are great. we love them. However, sometimes we don't feel like working out alone or doing our regular gym...

7 Ladies only gyms and fitness studios in Heliopolis

Ladies of Heliopolis, no more excuses. We have gathered 10 of the best gyms and fitness studios in the area for you. Pack your...
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