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Norhan Ahmed Bakr
22 years old, mass comm graduate. I believe in humanity and equality.. I think everyone should have the right to live their lives in their own ways. Different is never less.
Mini Meals

Low-Calorie Mini Meals

Healthy food with low calories packed in doesn't necessarily be not delicious or appealing, you can have tasty meals yet healthy and with low...

4 Effects Smoking Has on Your Sport Performance

Smoking has been shown to increase the risk of serious health problems. Some of these health risks include cancer, and serious diseases. For this...
Cairo Best Spa

Cairo’s Best Spas and Health Clubs

There comes a time that you feel stressed, bored, and in a great need of something that cools you and turns your relaxation mood on....
Yoga Locations Main 2

Top yoga studios in Cairo: unleash your inner yogini

Yoga has become so popular lately, thanks to its incredible stress relieving effect, as well as being a simple plain workout routine that anyone...
Steak Recipes under 250 Calories

Top 3 Steak Recipes under 250 Calories

Steak is one of the top favorite dishes loved by almost everyone. It's also a kind of meat that's quick to prepare and full of...
perfect circuit workout

Build the Perfect Circuit Workout

Imagine a workout routine that mixes cardio and strength training in only 30 minutes. It also can be customized to help you reach your...
100 Calories

8 Snacks Under 100 Calories

Studies have shown that eating nuts regularly is very beneficial for your heart, they prevent heart diseases by 60%. Nuts are rich in protein,...

7 Places In Cairo You Can Run At

Running is one of the good ways to get you in shape. Believe it or not, running is actually a great way to increase...
Top Snacks & Meals Under 200 Calories

Top Snacks & Meals Under 200 Calories

Sometimes we feel hungry at work, school or college, and we tend to order fast food that's packed with too many calories and fat....
CairoRunners Half Marathon

8 Reasons Why You Should Join Cairo Half Marathon

Whether you are into running or not, you must have heard a lot of people talking about Cairo Runners' Half Marathon these days. And if...
Top 20 Egyptian Celebrities

Top 20 Egyptian Celebrities Who Just Have The Perfect Body Shape

It's good that some people don't only depend on being popular and loved by a big number of fans. Rather, they work so hard to be better....
Healthy Snacks-Batman-Superman

Top Healthy Movie Snacks to Eat in the Cinema

The cinema is always considered the biggest place that includes all the unhealthy high calorie snack options. If you want to stay away from...