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I am unfortunately not a noun, but i can make designer drugs, and involve you in an adventure you wouldn’t see coming.
Omar Ignite

Omar Sharawy – Sweating Out Of Illness

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Sometimes, life creates extreme challenges for us so that we become aware of our strength, so that we may know ourselves.
Detox Main

Drink yourself Clean!

DetoxNatural Foods
Because we are exposed daily to natural risk factors, like pollution, chemicals, heavy metals, and cancerous substance that put us at risk of intoxication,...
Farida Egyptian swimmer

Farida Eid: Pools, paintbrushes, and piano keys

Farida Eid is living proof you could have it all. She’s a 22 years old logistics management student at the Arab academy, and...
Organic Food

7 Organic markets and farms to consider for fresh groceries

HealthyNatural Foods
We’ve pinpointed for you some of the best markets to shop for your organic and diet friendly groceries. Between these...

Meditation’s Healing Chain

The idea here is not ignoring the pain, but ignoring the distractions that make you feel more pain than there actually is. How...
Pixie Diabetes

Fighting Sweet Poison

Lidia Mahmoud, a nutrition and CrossFit coach tells us a story, or more like a miracle that she has witnessed during a challenge she...
Functional training

The rising of Functional Fitness

Your yoghurt is on the bottom shelf in the fridge, you squat to grab it. You carry your groceries back home.  You tip...
Aya Tayeb Crossfit

Aya El Tayeb | Beating the odds

Aya El Tayeb, a 28 years old lady, has dedicated a few years of her life to accomplish an 82 Kgs weight loss....

To cheat or not to cheat? This is the question.

Diet plans are no holy books, but being in control is extremely sexy. IF you follow some regimen, then you definitely have a...
Winter Activities

When the temperature goes down, raise your adrenaline up!

The best way to avoid a cold feet, is to get moving. People tend to hibernate during the winter, but we are...



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