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Sara Mahmoud
This is Sara. A-24 year old passionate marketer and a loving wife. I enjoy travelling, reading, writing, and cooking and I am very excited for life.
Miracle Nassif Main

Miracle Nassif: A pro athlete, a fitness guru, and a style icon

Who is Miracle Nassif? Miracle is a hardcore athlete. She is the kind of girl who would fight with one hand and win just...

How dangerous is salt for your health?

overusing salt has proven to be bad for the health. It actually causes lots of serious diseases. in fact, it kills around 14000 human...
Plastic Types

Can plastic be harmful to your health? check out the different types of plastic

Ever noticed those little arrows on your plastic bottles and containers? Do you find yourself asking questions like 'Can I heat this in a...
E7na bas el regala

Balance gym latest campaign: outstandingly successful or extremely annoying?

The world of social media is unexpected; Marketers create, sometimes they fail, sometimes they succeed, and other times they GO VIRAL. Did you come across...
Cross Egypt Main

815 km on foot for a better Egypt

Aswan is a beautiful city, right? people come to Aswan from all over the world. Some travel by plane, others by train, and a...
Trifactory Main Aswan

Aswan42 by The TriFactory is happening again

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The TriFactory is incredibly proud to announce the second edition of Aswan42 – the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation Marathon, taking place on February 2nd,...
Perfect Gym

Your complete guide to choosing the perfect gym

There are a million gym options out there. These million options might look the same to you, after all, they all have the fitness...

Glam Getaways: Glamorizing Egypt through Zumba

If you have ever attended a Zumba® class at your local gym or fitness studio nearby, then you have definitely experienced the good vibes,...
Barbie Hejab Main

First Hijab-wearing Barbie doll in honor of Ibtihaj Muhammad

If you ask any girl about her favorite toy as a kid, you would hear ‘Barbie’ 9 out of 10 times, if not 10...
Ladies Gyms in Heliop

5 Ladies only gyms and fitness studios in Heliopolis

Ladies of Heliopolis, no more excuses. We have gathered 10 of the best gyms and fitness studios in the area for you. Pack your...
Events Nov2

Events of the week: All good things happen in November

We brought you some of the best events that will be taking place this week. we have yoga by the Nile, yoga for kids,...
Seif El Nokaly

Seif el Din el Nokaly: An Engineer with a passion for CrossFit

Seif, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m Seif el Din el Nokaly, I am 34 years old Construction Engineer.  I started...



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