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Zeina Kassas
Opex Certified Coach. ISSA Certified Sports Nutritionist. Co-founder, Head-coach and Nutritioniest of RahetBally Mama Transfomation Program. Sports Nutritionist at The Trifactory.
Get big, stay lean

Get big, stay lean: The bulking and cutting cycles

Optimized body composition provides a competitive advantage in a variety of sports. Weight reduction is common among athletes aiming to improve their strength-to-mass ratio...
Stay Active in Sahel

Say no to Sahel temptations

It’s holiday time and the sun is out, the Sahel is calling! suddenly thoughts turn to belly rolls and how to avoid them while you’re...
Flex Diet

Flexible dieting is the secret word

Summer is finally here and all that time you spent getting “bikini body ready” for a beach vacation can be undone with this one...