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Address Heliolido Club Gate 4 from Al Saada Street Roxy, Heliopolis
Telephone 01007979008




With a fully equipped affiliated facility, we cater CrossFit classes to a wide range of fitness categories varying from beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes. We also provide weightlifting, fundamentals, and fitness/conditioning classes which all take place through mixed group trainings.

Being one of the very first Crossfit boxes in Egypt, and the Last standing one in Heliopolis, we take full pride and honor in what we do as we have years of experience in the feild.

At CrossFit Pharaohs, we go beyond providing CrossFit as a mere sport. We go the extra mile in ensuring that as a member, you are exposed to a community in which supports, motivates, inspires, and moves the athlete within you. We put high regards on building a CrossFit community that is focused on bridging the gap between all athletes with all sorts of backgrounds together under one shared belief and priority, the priority of mental and physical health and well-being.

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30 Nehro St, behind Maryland Park, Heliopolis


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