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Fasting and Energy

Find Out How Your Body Obtains Energy While Fasting.

During Ramadan, we all want to stay fit and hit the gym when we can.  But on the other hand we also have some...
Keep Clean

4 Ways To Keep Clean In The Gym.

Gyms can be the reason why you maintain a healthy life, however they can also be the reason for transmitting bacteria to you. 1. Metal bottles...
9 Things You Must Have in Your Gym Bag

9 Things You Must Have in Your Gym Bag

Your Gym bag is the second most important thing you will need at the gym after focusing on your workout, so make sure you...
Diet Mistakes

4 Dieting Mistakes Men Make

Know all about the mistakes you could do while following a diet plan. You might think that you are not doing anything wrong and...
Chicken-curry Main

Bodybuilders low fat chicken curry recipe

If you want to build your body muscles and get your required dosage of needed nutritions, This Low fat chicken recipe is definitely for...
10 Gym Rules Everyone Should Follow

10 Gym Rules Everyone Should Follow

Following a few simple rules at the gym, will help you have a better workout and keep yourself safe.   Always Re-Rack Your Dumbbells Don’t forget to put your gear back...

The 7 Most Unhealthy Things You Do Every Day

1. Not Getting Enough Sleep When your body doesn’t get enough, it releases many regulatory hormones which can cause stress. Besides increasing the risk of...
Pregnancy Workout

Pregnancy exercise for beginners

The good news is even when you are pregnant you can safely start a workout routine. Even if you have no fitness background before. It's...
When to Carb Up Before a Workout

When to Carb Up Before a Workout

Carbohydrates are one of the best energy sources for your body. They enable you to run long distances, sprint faster, and endure grueling workouts. Studies has shown that large pre-workout carb...
Cardio Exercise

The Most Advantageous Weight Loss Equipment

Healthy and fit bodies give everyone great confidence. A lot of people exercise for this reason but don't get effective results due to incomplete information about the various types...

How Does Stress Affect Weight Loss

Stress stimulates our bodies to secrete the cortisole hormone, which causes an increase in the abdominal fat and a decrease in the muscle tissue,...
Feed your Baby

Age-by-age guide to feeding your baby

Use this guide to find out what and how much to feed your child at every stage of development from birth to 12 months....

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