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Best things to eat and to avoid before a workout

Eating the wrong food before your workout is as bad as exercising on an empty stomach. In the second you don't have the needed...

4 reasons you shouldn’t cut carbs

When you start going to the gym, you will definitely find someone advise you to cut carbs in order to lose weight and have...

Chocolate Date Spread Recipe

Whether you use it as a pre-workout snack or as a healthy dessert, this chocolate date spread checks all the boxes. The dates and...

10 things to eat with 0 calories

Believe it or not! Yes, there are certain foods you can eat with gaining an extra calorie! This is not because they contain no...

let’s feast on Meat – Healthy recipes for Ad7a Feast

Few days for Adha feast and our dining tables have to have some meat dishes. To eat or not to eat? We're bringing you some...
Wedding Workout Main

10 quick tips to look amazing in your wedding dress

We all want to look great in the big day, we want to look slim and fit. However, time always steals us and we...
Hidden Calories

Some hidden calories in your salad

Some mixed vegetables and you are making a healthy choice. However salad might not always be equal to healthy! There are some items that...
Top Selling Supp

Top best Selling Supplements 2016

Supplements, good or bad?  Nothing new in saying that everything if taken without precuations will be bad. And more important than taking the right amount...
Chocolate Calories

Calories of the chocolates you love

I love chocolates, but I'm on a healthy diet. This is a common conflict for all chocolate lovers who are keen on following a healthy...
Fasting Problems

6 common health problems during fasting & their solutions

Although fasting has many physical benefits, our messy lifestyle make us suffer from some health problems during Ramadan. In this article we're tackling the...
Ramadan The golden opportunity to cleanse ourselves

Ramadan, The golden opportunity to cleanse ourselves spiritually and physically

It is really important to learn how we can maintain our physical and mental health especially when we are fasting for long periods of...
Iftar Main

5 healthy Iftar ideas to stay hydrated, light, and active

Ramadan day is tight and we only have 2 meals and barely 1 snack a day. That's why we want to make the best...

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