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Can Women Lose Weight Without Exercise

Weight loss, exercise, and looking your best The truth is this: if women have a certain amount of weight that they want to lose, they...
Breakfast ideas

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Lose Weight

Breakfast is considered the most important meal. A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. In general, kids and teens...
Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson’s story of dropping from size 16 to size 6

We all aspire to be like superstars, how they look like, how they dress themselves up but we always fail at following their eating...
success story Reham

Meet the inspiring Reham Medhat, telling us her success story of losing weight

Reham was 95.7 Kg a year ago, she was upset with her body shape, so she decided to start her journey of losing weight....
Stop Dieting

Stop Dieting – Diets are not 1 Size Fits All

I am not a big fan of diets especially that many have the misconception that diets can be summarized in a piece of paper....

Fitiology – Experience Real Fitness

If you are looking for radical transformation in both body and personality, Fitiology is here for this. It offers different set of programs of...
Ramadan Tips

13 Simple Wellness Tips to Use During Ramadan

According to modern claims, fasting includes spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits. Fortunately, for our ancestors fasting was easier and more efficient. While they used to inhale...
Give me 5 Diet MAin

The give me 5 DIET

Work hard during weekdays and play hard during weekends; this is what exactly this diet does. It encourages you to be discipline through weekdays...

Tone Your Body with KETONE Diet

If you are targeting the low-carb diet. The Ketone diet will be the best for your needs, especially if you are trying to maintain blood sugar levels...
Sherif Sameh

Get inspired to get fit!

Read Sherif’s success story… Before: 105Kg After: 75Kg “It never crossed my mind to lose 30Kg of my weight” Sherif Sameh, a guy in his early thirties who...
Give up on giving up

Give up on giving up

Year after another, you set your mind to change your life, follow the diet plan that will help you lose the weight your body...
Chicken-curry Main

Bodybuilders low fat chicken curry recipe

If you want to build your body muscles and get your required dosage of needed nutritions, This Low fat chicken recipe is definitely for...

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