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Alia Sherif MAin

5 Years to Freedom – Alia Sherif Abandons Her Draining Corporate Life for Yoga

Alia Sherif is a 26-year-old who discovered her ultimate passion -yoga- only 2 years ago. As a university student, she studied psychology...
Yasmine Tarek Super Mom

Super Mom Yasmine Tarek Takes the Ultimate Leap

Yasmine Tarek is a personal trainer, Stott Pilate’s instructor, Fit by the Sea founder, and a nutrition coach. She lives in Hurghada...
Shadow Academy

Jasmin Samy is Challenging the Squash Patriarchy

A passionate fan of the sport squash, a mother of two, and an attorney by profession, Jasmin Samy will be known as...
Fel 3ezba Challenge

Fel 3ezba – Will Take You Back to Nature in their Latest 2020 Adventure

It all started 4 years ago when the Safwat brothers were huddled together, thinking of ways to take their beloved Monsters Team out...
Cairow Rowing Club

Cairow: An Unforgettable Rowing Journey and an Amazing Nile Experience

Right at the brisks of Dokki, at the very Greek Rowing Club, lies Cairow water sports. A serene space with a friendly, inviting...
Pyramids Marathon 2020

2020 Pyramids Half Marathon: A bucket list item to tick off this year

The TriFactory is proud to welcome runners to the Pyramids Half Marathon, its flagship running event at the Great Pyramids of Giza....
Egyptians who made us proud

Egyptians who made us proud in 2019

Another year passes and Egyptian athletes have never failed to make us proud. Achievement after the other, Egyptians are out there...
Best Moments events 2019

2019 Fitness Scene in a Nutshell: The Best Moments of the Year

2020 is right around the corner. This is the time of year we reminisce about the best moments we got to spend...
Grape Fruit Main

How Hydrating Are Your Winter Fruits?

There is no doubt that we consume less water during the winter, which may dehydrate our bodies. Luckily though, delicious winter fruits have a...
How to sleep better

Tips and Tricks for a Better Night Sleep

We can never stress the importance of a good night sleep enough. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you...
Top Classes Main

Top Fitness Classes That You can’t miss in 2020

Are you bored with your every-day workout? We suggest that you try something new in 2020. We wanted to recommend a few...
Pole Dancing and Flex Main

Top Pole Dance, Flexibility, and Pilates studios in town

It's always good to change up your workouts every once in a while. It keeps things interesting. We present to you some...

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