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How to sleep better

Tips and Tricks for a Better Night Sleep

We can never stress the importance of a good night sleep enough. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you...
Foods to Avoid over 40

Foods to Avoid When You’re Over 40

As we age, our bodies age as well; resistance to unhealthy food weakens, ability to cope the extra calories decreases, and the...
Immunity Boosters Main

14 Foods to Boost Your Immunity this winter

Given the instability of the weather and the indecision of winter this past period, it is important to protect our bodies from...
Meal Prep

The Art of Meal Prep

Meal prepping is basically choosing and putting aside time to prepare food in order to make eating during the week easier. It helps you...
Pole Dancing and Flex Main

Top Pole Dance, Flexibility, and Pilates studios in town

It's always good to change up your workouts every once in a while. It keeps things interesting. We present to you some...
Lactose intolerance Main

Are You Lactose Intolerant?

What is lactose intolerance? The main carbohydrate in dairy products is “lactose”. Our bodies have an enzyme called...
Plastic Waste Main

Simple Hacks to Cut Down your Plastic Waste

There is no denying that the plastic waste problem is getting out of hand and the best way to handle this crisis...
Sauces Calories Main

Sauces and Dippings: Cut down on the hidden calories

Condiments, sauces, and dressings are used to marinate, boost flavor, and make certain dishes more appealing. Deceivingly harmless, some of these food additives contain...
Protein For Vegans

Find your way around: Plant-Based Protein Sources in Egypt

While you may not easily be able to find stuff like mycoprotien and tempeh in the Egyptian market, Egypt’s cuisine is naturally...
Vape Death Main

Vaping: Between Death and Conspiracy Theories

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just confirmed the 9th vape-related death and over 400 serious lung illnesses in the United States....
14 Tricks to Drink More Water

14 Tricks to Drink More Water

“It is vital for all known forms of life”. For humans specifically, water is essential for various physiological functions, physical performance optimization, radiant skin,...
Food Container Guide

The Egyptian Guide to Food Containers

Summer is over and everyone’s back to work, and school. Because it is important to stay energized during the day, we have put...

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