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Asmaa Zohairy Main

World champion Asmaa Al Zohairy is the living proof that it is never too...

Founder of ScullnBlades rowing school, Asmaa Al Zohairy is a rowing athlete, a fitness coach, and Nike trainer and brand ambassador for...
Pyramids Marathon 2020

2020 Pyramids Half Marathon: A bucket list item to tick off this year

The TriFactory is proud to welcome runners to the Pyramids Half Marathon, its flagship running event at the Great Pyramids of Giza....
King Cheeta Box Champ Main

André Valavanis: The Unsung Champion of Professional Boxing

Andreas Valavanis, AKA King Cheetah, is the highest ranking professional boxer in Egypt and the Middle East. Egyptian international champion, WBF African...

Need a convenient source of high-quality protein? Danone brings you “HiPRO”

If you’re big on fitness, sports or just want to stay healthy and fit, then you’re probably going to love this: HiPRO...
Setting Goals 2020

Are you ready to make the most out of your 2020?

When it comes to goal setting for fitness or weight loss, a 12 month goal is considered a very long-term goal, and...
Egyptians who made us proud

Egyptians who made us proud in 2019

Another year passes and Egyptian athletes have never failed to make us proud. Achievement after the other, Egyptians are out there...
Best Moments events 2019

2019 Fitness Scene in a Nutshell: The Best Moments of the Year

2020 is right around the corner. This is the time of year we reminisce about the best moments we got to spend...
Bake Rolz

The Fitness Showdown; The Ultimate Bakerolz Initiative

Bake Rolz is becoming more and more invested in the world of sports and fitness and is positively using its platform to...
Tough Mudder Main

All the way from the UK, The First Ever Tough Mudder Egypt

On Friday and Saturday, December 13th & 14th, 2019, Tough Mudder finally made its way to Cairo, Egypt.  Tough Mudder is a...
Top Classes Main

Top Fitness Classes That You can’t miss in 2020

Are you bored with your every-day workout? We suggest that you try something new in 2020. We wanted to recommend a few...
Foods to Avoid over 40

Foods to Avoid When You’re Over 40

As we age, our bodies age as well; resistance to unhealthy food weakens, ability to cope the extra calories decreases, and the...
Black Friday Article MAin

Black Friday 2019: A Step Closer to 2020 Goals

Black Friday is right around the corner. Now is the time to join a gym, renew your membership, or just try a...

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