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Gyms Home Workouts

Egypt’s best gym offering COVID-19 Home Workouts

The fitness scene in Egypt has been showing incredible solidarity through Instagram during these tough times. Last week, we shared with you...
Fel 3ezba Round 4

Fel 3ezba Round 4

If it's your team against nature, how do you win? This isn't just a normal challenge. We're the first in Egypt to ever do it....
Alia Sherif MAin

5 Years to Freedom – Alia Sherif Abandons Her Draining Corporate Life for Yoga

Alia Sherif is a 26-year-old who discovered her ultimate passion -yoga- only 2 years ago. As a university student, she studied psychology...
Nurdan Main

Bonding Over Fitness: Nurdan Suleyman Shares Her Fit Pregnancy Inspirational Story

Nurdan Suleyman is a polyglot lifestyle blogger whose mission is to spread positivity and help people fall in love with who they...
Top 15 Egyptian athletes to follow

Top 15 Egyptian athletes to follow for social distancing home workouts.

Because we care about your safety, we brought your workout to you. Avoid going to the gym or doing group workouts to...
May Noureldeen Main

Absolute Beast Maye Noureldin is Shaking the World of Calisthenics

A marketer by day and a full time fitness fanatic by night, Maye Noureldin probably got the passion for fitness from her...
Yasmine Tarek Super Mom

Super Mom Yasmine Tarek Takes the Ultimate Leap

Yasmine Tarek is a personal trainer, Stott Pilate’s instructor, Fit by the Sea founder, and a nutrition coach. She lives in Hurghada...
Shadow Academy

Jasmin Samy is Challenging the Squash Patriarchy

A passionate fan of the sport squash, a mother of two, and an attorney by profession, Jasmin Samy will be known as...
Fel 3ezba Challenge

Fel 3ezba – Will Take You Back to Nature in their Latest 2020 Adventure

It all started 4 years ago when the Safwat brothers were huddled together, thinking of ways to take their beloved Monsters Team out...
CairoGyms Fel Balad

Cairo Gyms Fel Balad – A New Challenge is Hitting Town

In a one of its kind campaign, and for the first time in Egypt, Cairo Gyms will be touring the gyms and fitness...
Cairow Rowing Club

Cairow: An Unforgettable Rowing Journey and an Amazing Nile Experience

Right at the brisks of Dokki, at the very Greek Rowing Club, lies Cairow water sports. A serene space with a friendly, inviting...
Noha Workout

5 simple moves to burn fat & build muscles with Noha Al Rayan

Want to lose weight & gain muscles? We’ve got you covered! With absolutely no equipment required, you get to be guided through...

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