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Amina El Sebelgy Main

Amina El Sebelgy: the Egyptian swimmer who excelled at the African Games

Winner of 3 Silver medals in the relays and the 6th place in the 50 free at the last African Games and...
Heya Event

Heya Health Essentials | World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day celebrates awareness for the global community in an empathetic way, with a unifying voice, helping those feel hopeful by empowering...
Sherif Swimmer

Cherif Fathy: The Egyptian Open Water Swimming Pioneer on the Verge of Breaking Records

Open water Swimming is back Founder of Boost Swimming Academy back in 2017, head coach, and organizer of the...
Jallabina Workshop

Europe’s Latest Obsession Jallabina is Finally Coming to Egypt!

By mixing Middle Eastern dance with fitness, Jallabina Workout has reached huge success in Europe. The program is finally making its way to the...
African Games

Egypt Breaks Records and Ranks First in African Games 2019

In the 12th edition of the African Games that took place in Rabat, Morocco this August, Egypt broke records for the most...
The Fab Yoga - New Cairo Main

Lousiana & Diana Faaberg: The Two Yoga Sisters behind “The Faab Space”

Brought together by their love for yoga, the two sisters Diana and Lousiana launched The Faab Space Just two weeks ago. We...
Weight questions

7 annoying weight-related comments you shouldn’t be saying

From weight loss to weight gain to eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder, we all sometimes struggle to love and accept our...
ElFit Beach

ELFIT Beach Warriors Competition| Awaken Your Inner Warrior

"One piece of log creates a small fire, adequate to warm you up, add just a few more pieces to blast an immense bonfire,...
Habiba MAin

Habeba Elkhouly: Rising above doubts, pain, and vulnerability.

Habeba Elkhouly has given dauntless a meaning, undergoing surgery over and over, for 4 times despite the  horrific pain and physicians’ differences....
African Cup 2019

CAF – Egypt’s Preparations For Hosting The African Cup’19!

Egypt has undergone massive preparations for the AFRICAN CUP of 2019, which will be taking place starting June 21st and up until July 19th...

Chiliboats| El-Gouna’s Trendy Sport Bikes This Summer

Heading to the beach This summer?  We have something new to try!  A tinkered innovation that is just suitable for all age...
Win the battle - Ali Faisal

Ali Faisal – Win the battle

Battle ropes, sometimes called heavy ropes, are one of the newest fitness trends hitting gyms across the world, but working with ropes...

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