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Check before and After body transformation pictures in Motivation Section

Cross Egypt Main

815 km on foot for a better Egypt

Aswan is a beautiful city, right? people come to Aswan from all over the world. Some travel by plane, others by train, and a...
Influencers 2017 Main

Athletes and fitness figures who shaped 2017

2017 was full of achievements, especially in the fitness world. we compiled a list of athletes and fitness figures whom we think shaped our...
Fitness Studios in Cairo

Your guide to the extraordinary fitness studios of Cairo

Don't get us wrong, gyms are great. we love them. However, sometimes we don't feel like working out alone or doing our regular gym...
Perfect Gym

Your complete guide to choosing the perfect gym

There are a million gym options out there. These million options might look the same to you, after all, they all have the fitness...
Body Building Main

The biggest achievements of some of Egypt’s top bodybuilders

No one can deny how prosperous the bodybuilding industry in Egypt is. If you're in doubt or haven't been following up with the news,...
Fitness Events in Cairo

Events of the week: Good Vibes

All we want for Christmas is some good vibes. Today, we bring you some of the best events that are perfect for the holiday...
Morad Rabi3 Main

An interview with Maryam Rifaii: the fitness figure and diabetic beauty queen

Maryam has multiple reasons to keep fit, first and foremost she’s a diabetic - this factor alone makes her a very interesting candidate for...
Fitsquad Platinum

FitSquad join-forces with Platinum Club for the perfect fitness experience

If you are a fitness maniac, then you probably heard of FitSquad. FitSquad launched three years ago, in June of 2014 to be exact,...
Effl Main League

EFFL – The Egyptian Functional Fitness League

We know our followers pretty well; we know they are fond of competitions and being part of big challenges. This is why today we...
Events Dec W3

Events of the week: Make the most out of your December

December is coming to an end. Don’t waste more time. Go out and do awesome things. We’ve collected some the best events happening this...
Sara Hisham Transformation Main

Genetics did not stop Sara Ezzat from changing her life

For everyone struggling with his/her weight the only thing stopping you from achieving your dream goal is You! Neither you genes nor your food...
Iron Man Egypt Main

James Lawrence inspired hundreds of Egyptians last week in Cairo

On November 28th, the global Entrepreneurs' Organization, in collaboration with The TriFactory and Powered By Inertia, hosted World Record Holder James Lawrence in Cairo...