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African Cup 2019

CAF – Egypt’s Preparations For Hosting The African Cup’19!

Egypt has undergone massive preparations for the AFRICAN CUP of 2019, which will be taking place starting June 21st and up until July 19th...

Chiliboats| El-Gouna’s Trendy Sport Bikes This Summer

Heading to the beach This summer?  We have something new to try!  A tinkered innovation that is just suitable for all age...
Win the battle - Ali Faisal

Ali Faisal – Win the battle

Battle ropes, sometimes called heavy ropes, are one of the newest fitness trends hitting gyms across the world, but working with ropes...
Mosalsalat Ramadan Hogan

Lead Actors Who Aced Their Physique In Ramadan 2019

Another round of TV drama hit our TVs over a week ago. Now that we have seen a few episodes here and...
Nazli - Crossfit Rhea

CrossFit Rhea| The Rise Of A New Generation

Three Highschool ladies take the fitness world by storm, whether they join the game alone, or with their family members, all three...
Places to Run in Cairo

9 Places to lightly Jog Before Iftar

The Holy month is here alas, but who said you can’t boost up your endorphins a little bit before Iftar?  Running before breaking your fast...

How To Prepare Your Body For Fasting

These are 10 ways to prepare your body to endure fasting the day during Ramadan, with a lower appetite, and an energetic body!
Inbody for dummies

InBody Guide For Dummies: How To Read Your Progress

Part 1:  What you’re made of.  Weight (body weight): is Sum of Body Fat Mass + Lean Body Mass...
Your Gym Main

Your Gym: A Vibrant Ladies’ Training And Recharging Haven

YOUR GYM’S ladies only branches ( Nasr City- New Cairo) offer ladies everything they need for their wellbeing and their bodies, in...
Hell Hounds - American Football

Zaiden Elgohzy: The American Football Hounds’ Blitz

There’s no doubt that sports are a source of inspiration to both players and fans alike, but this time we’re taking a look at...
Omneya el Yamany

Omneya El Yamany – turns society’s barriers to possibilities

Omneya el Yamany has decided to overlook every pity talk, and label that was given to her, she chose to show everyone...
Omda Main

Mohamed El-Omda: The fittest man in Egypt for the 4th time.

The countless national and Middle East championship winner, Mohamed El-Omda has joined the “Battle of the East” this year, In Kuwait, and...

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