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low-calorie diet

5 diet types that don’t help you lose weight

Your friend visits a nutritionist and she is given a diet plan at which you think is going to be perfect for you as...
Lemon Detox

14 day detox system for losing belly fat

Belly fat is a common irritating problem for many women. They might neglect during Winter. Winter will end soon and you will find yourself...
Lentil Soup

The irreplaceable warm bowl of lentil soup

Lentil soup has always been a warm-hearted companion in Winter. Perfectly it's not just an indulging soup, it has endless benefits for your health...

Top selling supplements in 2016

Supplements can benefit you in many ways, but the only irreplaceable way is working out! No result will be achieved by taking supplements and...
Healthy Sub

7 substitutes for healthy cooks

Deprivation shouldn't be your ultimate goal while trying to follow a healthy diet. You can substitute an ingredient or two and convert a high...
3eyal kebret

5 nutrition tips from grandma between myths and facts

Since childhood we were bombarded with many nutritional tips from our fathers and mothers that are inherited from our grandparents. Although we have a...

1 a day keeps the doctor away

We all know by heart that "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Moreover, there are many other kinds of food that have...

6 places to buy fresh, organic, and healthy food

As healthy is becoming the new sexy, everybody is becoming conscious about their health. Many people has transformed their lifestyle and started changing their eating...

6 creepy Halloween makeup tips that will totally freak out the neighbors

These easy Halloween makeup tips prove that 'scary beautiful' is totally a thing.Halloween's a holiday worth celebrating — not just because of the mountains...

4 reasons you shouldn’t cut carbs

When you start going to the gym, you will definitely find someone advise you to cut carbs in order to lose weight and have...

The ideal breakfast your child shouldn’t skip

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal for your kid especially for his school day as he probably needs some fuel after long hours...

5 healthy recipes for your kid’s lunch box

With the beginning of the school year, every mother dives in confusion about what to put in her kids' lunch box. She wants to...

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