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Nurture Your Hair

4 Main Health Tips to Nurture Your Hair

Your hair is what crowns your beauty and thus you should always take good care of it. Millions of products are out there claiming...
Ramadan Tips

13 Simple Wellness Tips to Use During Ramadan

According to modern claims, fasting includes spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits. Fortunately, for our ancestors fasting was easier and more efficient. While they used to inhale...
7 Ways to Stay Gorgeous For The Summer

7 Ways to Stay Gorgeous For The Summer

Summer is here! Hot weather means sweaty faces and ruined makeup. Here are some tips so you can beat the heat and keep your face looking...
Give up on giving up

Give up on giving up

Year after another, you set your mind to change your life, follow the diet plan that will help you lose the weight your body...
Massage Types

Different types of Massage

Nobody says no to a relaxing massage session, where every inch of your body just loosens up, and all of your senses wake up...

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