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BodyBuilding Vs Crossfit Main

Take your pick, CrossFit or Bodybuilding?

The endless debate between CrossFit and Bodybuilding and which is better for your body in terms of physique, performance, training…etc. both are so different...
Ask Trainer

5 Questions To Ask Your Personal Trainer

Whether you prefer working out on your own or being instructed by a personal trainer, there are some basic questions that you should never...
Ahmed Kamal Musclemania

MuscleMania, a bumpy road Ahmed Kamal is paving

Your fortune cookie can tell you “Luck”, but your fortune won’t come without “HARD WORK”. This is what we concluded from our interview with...
Yoga (Bridge Pose)

5 workouts for losing your after baby belly

After delivery most women have the challenge of losing baby belly. Some tend to walk. While walking is a good way to move until...
Healthy Sub

7 substitutes for healthy cooks

Deprivation shouldn't be your ultimate goal while trying to follow a healthy diet. You can substitute an ingredient or two and convert a high...

Healthy guidelines for safe Pilates during pregnancy and after delivery

More and more we are aware of the importance of keeping fit during pregnancy. Maintaining a healthy exercise routine during those 9 months can...
Moms Main

7 mothers that didn’t eat for two

"I'm eating for two." The common defense most mothers use during pregnancy so they can eat whatever they like without feeling guilty. However, it's...
Johny Bravo

5 tips to avoid the Johnny Bravo figure and ease your leg day

  Have you ever stared at your endless gym selfies and said "I know this person, it's Johnny Bravo!"? Actually if you looked at your...
3eyal kebret

5 nutrition tips from grandma between myths and facts

Since childhood we were bombarded with many nutritional tips from our fathers and mothers that are inherited from our grandparents. Although we have a...

7 things to look for before joining a gym

  How many times you took the step and subscribed at the gym, paid for the membership and you didn't even pass across the road...

Hate Sports? Here’s 6 reasons why you should try pole

Our lives are becoming increasingly sedentary. With a worryingly large amount of jobs and careers based behind a desk and hunched over the computer...

Golden rules of Muscle Building

Muscle building is science but is not science fiction; you just need to follow some rules in order to achieve your fitness goals of...

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