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Stop Exercising

Signs you should stop exercising immediately

Exercising is great, but sometimes you push so hard thinking you are doing your body a favor. This is not always the case. If you...
E7na bas el regala

Balance gym latest campaign: outstandingly successful or extremely annoying?

The world of social media is unexpected; Marketers create, sometimes they fail, sometimes they succeed, and other times they GO VIRAL. Did you come across...
Secret Abs

6 super tips for getting 6 packs

The 6 pack abs is definitely the ultimate goal of many guys around. Every day, many people write articles about the hidden secrets of...
Deers Gym

deers Egypt wellness center, Everything ladies ask for “under one roof” to be fit

What do women want? A big controversial question that we might not find an answer for in a lifetime! But actually what do women want to...
Studios Main

7 fitness studios in New Cairo to workout, dance, and meditate

Some people are not interested in joining a gym to walk on the treadmill and lift weights. They are more concerned with exercising with...

Losing Fats with Circuit Training

For More Losing Fats And Make All Your Fats Crying Do The Next Circuit Training But Please Notice That These Circuit Training Is Not Valid...
Anas Personal Trainer

Get to know Anas: The manager, the athlete, and the life changer

Renowned as the king of functional fitness Anas has made quite a name for himself as the trainer de mode in Cairo today. Gold’s...
Pilates Main

Pilates: the concept, types, benefits and myths by Mariam Amer

The great Joseph Pilates once said, 'Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness'. Today, we wanted to know how we 'get there' with...
Ladies Gyms in Heliop

5 Ladies only gyms and fitness studios in Heliopolis

Ladies of Heliopolis, no more excuses. We have gathered 10 of the best gyms and fitness studios in the area for you. Pack your...
Seif El Nokaly

Seif el Din el Nokaly: An Engineer with a passion for CrossFit

Seif, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m Seif el Din el Nokaly, I am 34 years old Construction Engineer.  I started...
Pound Main

All about the trend that is ‘Pound Workout’.

Do you remember the sensation of dancing to your favorite song, swinging your hair, twisting your body, doing all kind of crazy moves when...
Halloween Party Main

Top favorite Halloween parties and costumes in the fitness community this year

How was your Halloween? we wanted to share with you pictures from some of our favorite Halloween parties that took place this year. These...

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