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Events of the week: It’s a happy November

Halloween might be over, but the party is still going strong. We have Halloween events and much more happening this week. Keep reading. Halloween Costume...
3 Fitness Gadgets

3 Fitness Gadgets to Track Your Calorie Burn

There are lots of fitness trackers in the market these days. They are all very helpful at tracking your calorie burn and monitoring your...
Reduce Your Waist Size

5 Top Tips To Reduce Your Waist Size

Ever heard that a recent study has found the average woman’s waist has increased by seven inches since the 50s to reach 34 inches? A...
ElFit 2017 Article

ELFIT Reebok will excite your every human nerve!

Straight from the land of the pharaohs, don't miss this exciting competition in a country with an amazing history, decades of compelling civilization; from...
Event Oct 2nd Main

Events of the week: All about the wellness of your mind and body

In our journey to reach the ultimate mind and body wellness, we found those events and wanted to share them with you. Enjoy your...
October Event 1

Hello October: events of the week

The beautiful month of October is finally here. We're as excited as you. We thought we would kick off the month with some suggestions of...
9 months Partner WOD

The 9 months Partner WOD

(Disclaimer: This post is not intended as medical advice. Every situation and every pregnancy are different, so please consult your doctor for guidance.) The biggest...
4 Ways to Recover

4 Ways to Recover after a Gym Workout

People assume that working their ass off day and night every day at the gym will lead to faster and better results. Well this...
Kamal Bodybuilding and physique

Is ‘Physique’ becoming the new ‘Bodybuilding’?

We conducted an interview with the Musclemania champ Ahmed Kamal and asked him about the difference between body building and physique. He shared lots...
Zamalek Gyms Main

The gyms, fitness studios, and yoga studios of Zamalek

Zamalek residents, It’s your turn! We have collected some of the best gyms, fitness studios, and yoga studios options in Zamalek. Take a look. F Square...
Workout Main

The beach workout by Allaa Ashmawi

When summer hits, vacations make it much harder to stay on track with your workout, but since staying lean & fit is the key...
Summer Main

Where to workout by the beach in Sahel: Summer 2017

Who said that you have to drop your workouts just because you’re on vacation? We know keeping up with your workouts alone and on...

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