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The beach workout by Allaa Ashmawi

When summer hits, vacations make it much harder to stay on track with your workout, but since staying lean & fit is the key...
Summer Main

Where to workout by the beach in Sahel: Summer 2017

Who said that you have to drop your workouts just because you’re on vacation? We know keeping up with your workouts alone and on...
Ramadan Events

Events of the week – Ramadan Version

We promised to cover your event needs throughout the year. Here are some events that you can head to during the first week of...
Ramadan Workout

4 aspects to reconsider for exercising during Ramadan

Ramadan is never meant to be an excuse for suspending exercise. You can work out in Ramadan and make the best out of it...
Heavy Weight Training Program

Heavy Weight Training Program (Advanced)

Chest This training is for intermediate to advanced level and it is concentrated on your incline chest.  If you want more results on your incline...
Plank Article

30 days of plank workout for getting ready for Summer

For any newly mother or just any woman who wants to have some bikini time in summer, there is always one common problem; “The...
Train Properly Main

Train properly, Remain healthier

Some stuff you think you are right while telling them, but the fact is, you are terribly mistaken. You were hurting your joints and...
Band Workout Main

My Band Workout #WorkoutAnywhere

Summer is knocking on our doors; a great way to work on your body for the season is band workouts. A band workout will...
fitness mistakes to avoid this Summer

5 fitness mistakes to avoid this Summer

We're all receiving Summer with a common goal to lose weight and big enthusiasm to workout and get fit. There are some common mistakes...
Deeb Maadi

The top 9 gyms in Maadi

If you live in Maadi, you are fortunate enough to have a wide range of gyms to choose from. If you don’t know already,...
Hassan Gabr Main

If you’re not one of his Instagram followers, you’re missing a lot.

You’ve probably heard the name Hassan Gabr before. He is Egypt’s fittest man 35+ for 2016 and a certified CrossFit coach at BeFit. If...
Street Games

Street Games – Volume 5, start from wherever you are

Few weekends ago, the Street Games - Volume 5 took place at Fitiology branch in New Cairo. Some of you might have went there, many...

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