Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Asser El- Sawaf Striking a Decade of Genuine Fitness

The 32 years old athlete, Asser El- Sawaf, graduated from computer engineering in 2011. Shortly after that, he joined the military service in 2012,...

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Cairo's Guide

Squad 101 – A Luxury Fitness And Wellness Camp

Ready to transform your life? We know just the place! SQUAD 101, situated on Cairo-Alexandria's desert road, is a luxury fitness and wellness camp that...

Healthy Receipes

2022’s Ultimate Healthy Kahk Guide

Eid is approaching, and so are the delicious Eid cookies. Because Kahk is pretty much a Eid tradition, it becomes almost impossible to put...

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5 simple moves to burn fat & build muscles with Noha Al Rayan

Want to lose weight & gain muscles? We’ve got you covered! With absolutely no equipment required, you get to be guided through this home...


Summer 2018 is around the corner and all too soon you´ll be examining your swimwear and wondering why you don´t feel more confident. Well...

Top mother’s day offers and events recommendation

Mother's day is only a few days away. If you still not sure what to get your mother, we have gathered some of the...

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Amy Nagaty – Workout Program

Amy Nagaty Fitness Coach and Yoga Instructor SLOGAN FIT=Strong+Flexible Graduated...