Sandra Samir Tennis

Sandra Samir: Breaking the Boundaries of Egyptian Tennis

Sandra Samir is a 22-year-old professional tennis player and Business student. Inspired by her older sister, Sandra first started tennis at the age of 5; she was drawn to the environment, the colors, and...
Yara Shalaby Rally

Yara Shalaby| A Fierce Rally Racer Who Never Quits When It Comes To Passion!

This story is about passion.. about pursuing dreams. Yara Shalaby spent years in search of her passion, and despite how cliché that sounds, passion is what keeps us going forward in life. It is the...
Farah Shimy

Farah Shimy: Exploring the World of Modern Competitions

Farah Shimy has been an athlete her entire life. Ever since she was a child, her parents made sure she and her two brothers were always busy, and they chose sports to fill their...

Success Stories

Mariz Doss: A passion of Running & Climbing for a greater...

The head start Mariz’s passion for sports, running and climbing mountains has given her a platform and an exposure that she would have never dreamt...

Sara Seif Diving and Flying up and below!

Sara Seif, a 28 years old lady has dived right into the fitness world! Sarah started participating in sports in the year 2000. She...

Anti-viral sportswear: Sigma Fit’s Shield Against The Pandemic

Sigma Fit is the tech-wear company revolutionizing sportswear. In 2017, three petroleum engineers identified the lack of technology in sportswear, so they started a...

Summer 2020 – Healthy Food Spots in Sahel

Your annual trip to the North Coast has now become way more convenient in terms of dietary options. More and more healthy food chains...

BasiPilates – The most prestigious Pilates program is now in Egypt

The most prestigious Pilates program worldwide, BasiPilates, is FINALLY IN EGYPT, thanks to 3sixty Pilates. The Mat and Comprehensive teacher training lasted four days, with...
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