10 Gym Rules Everyone Should Follow

10 Gym Rules Everyone Should Follow

Following a few simple rules at the gym, will help you have a better workout and keep yourself safe.


  1. Always Re-Rack Your Dumbbells

    Don’t forget to put your gear back where it came from. If you take some dumbbells or a bar off a rack, put them back when you finish your workout.

  2. Don’t Wear Heavy Perfume

    Heavy perfume is not for the gym. Do wear deodorant instead.

  3. Use One Piece of Equipment at a Time

    Stick to one piece of equipment at a time, to give other people chance to use it as well.

  4. Respect others’ personal space

    Respecting personal space is something everyone should do, especially at the gym. If you see a person alone on a machine, don’t just jump on the closest piece of equipment next to them, if there are three or four to either side.

  5. Set Your Weights Down Gently

    Being strong enough to lift the dumbbells, means that you’re strong enough also to drop them down slowly after your workout.

  6. Never Talk on Your Phone

    You must have seen the sign telling you to put your phone away. Texting is annoying, but talking is definitely the worst

  7. Grunting and screaming

    Being an attention seeker is not the best thing to do at the gym. You think letting out a loud roar will get you that attention. It sure will, but aren’t you a little over the top?

  8. Don’t pretend to be a personal trainer if you’re not fully qualified.

    Providing someone with wrong information, can ruin their monthly workout, even you.

  9. Ask a trainer if you don’t know how to use a machine.

    If you notice no one before or after you is doing anything that looks at all like what you’re doing, you may be doing your workout in a wrong way, so never feel ashamed to ask.

  10. Clean Up After Yourself

    Putting your weights in back their places, wiping down cardio machines, and never leave a puddle of sweat behind you.

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