10 healthy foodies to follow on Instagram


What’s easier and more convenient than healthy recipes and healthy food update delivered to your couch while surfing Instagram? Let’s admit it, foodies are one of the 5 best inventions in the last 10 years! However, we’re always looking for the healthy gurus who nourish our timelines with out of the box healthy recipes with ingredients we have never thought of mixing it together. Besides they keep you up to date with many health and fitness updates happening in the town. Here is a list of 10 to follow:



She’s Fayrouz Nasser Eid, founder of The Daily Crisp. Fayrouz is not just an amateur foodie, she’s a certified nutritionist. If you are a vegetarian, byfayrouz is the perfect to follow because she develops vegan and plant based recipes. You will always find her offering you something timely, quick, yummy, and first of all healthy.



Going through May Yacoubi’s mouthwatering healthy recipes, you won’t believe she’s a self taught chef! With her you can assure healthy burgers and spring rolls. Moreover, she will provide you with simple tricks for better cooking.



What do you think of healthy chocolate dip and fries? You can eat whatever you want with no guilt with Sara El Refaie. She always gives you nice new ideas for breakfast,  our confusing meal of the day.



Nothing describes her better than what she writes in her bio. Yes she is the wonder woman, a lifter, a fin swimmer, and a clean eater. For sushi lovers, she’s typically your type.



Besides being a foodie, she’s a certified fitness trainer, so say hello to workout nutrition! Hala counts calories for you and always updates you with very healthy foods and beverages across the town.



Rowana is a professional by all means! She is a Befit coach, ISSA certified fitness trainer, and SFN specialist in Fitness Nutrition. To your amazement, Rowana’s recipes are not limited to grilled veggies and oat pancakes, Rowana cooks healthy molokheya!



She is the brand ambassador of The Wellness Log. She is a great salmon cook and makes oats at home, could we ask for more?



Endless healthy and tasty veggies and fruits recipes you can’t withstand with Omneya Moussa!



Yasmine’s secret word is “RAW”! She makes a vegan cheesecake and sushi. Get to know more by following her.



Again with workout nutrition, Sara Taha is founder and head coach at MFE Customized Fitness & Nutrition Programs. Sara is a colorful foodie, she offers you a wide range of colorful tasty recipes and the unquestionable condition healthy!


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