10 Mistakes You Make on the Treadmill


As a runner, it is important to know the 10 mistakes you make on the treadmill. This exercise equipment is often a necessity during rainy days or winters. When treadmill becomes a part of your regular workout, you should be aware of what is right and what is wrong to do on the treadmill. You could end up injuring yourself if you don’t have the right knowledge about working out or using the equipment. Find out what mistakes you generally make on the treadmill.

1. Craning yourself

Doing anything that disrupts your posture, such as leaning or hunching is a mistake. You tend to injure yourself when your balance is offset. Slouching can also cut short your oxygen supply. You should make sure to stand straight and align your heart, head and hips while running.

2. Skipping warm-up

You forgo warming up when you are in a hurry or simply want it done with the treadmill. You may not realize that skipping warm-up could cause injuries and aches. Warm-up does not take much time and you don’t have to stretch passively. A quick warm-up of at least 5 minutes that includes joints, toe touches, hip circles, etc will do for a pain-free workout.

3. Not cooling down

As you increase your speed while running, you should also remember to decrease it gradually when you are nearing the end rather than simply jumping off the treadmill. Running at maximum speed and stopping abruptly leads to sudden drop in the heart rate causing dizziness or cramping. Cooling down helps bring your heart rate down efficiently.

4. Not being prepared

Before hitting the treadmill you should keep necessary things handy. It’s important to stay hydrated so you should have water. You should avoid jumping off the machine to get water in the middle of your workout. You can keep a towel handy as well.

5. Holding the bars

It’s not a good practice to hold the treadmill’s handrails. Most people believe it to be a safe measure but holding onto the bars supports some of your weight which causes you not to work so hard. This way you will not burn many calories and your workout will be negatively affected. You should be comfortable to workout with each speed, before going faster.

6. Not paying enough attention to your arms

You should remember to use your arms as well while running on the treadmill. Swaying arms is important to stay balanced. They help in getting your workout and in reducing injury risk.

7. Setting the incline steeply

Steep incline makes you hold on to the treadmills’ bars to balance yourself while running. It does not help in strengthening your muscles and affects your workout.

8. Repeating the same thing

Most people tend to do the same thing all the time and see no change in the results. You should change things a bit by the changing the speed, incline or intensity. Try running slowly for longer one day and faster for a short time on another.

9. Being zoned out

When you hop on to the treadmill your mind should be clear of all the TV shows and other things. While you might be sweating out, your mind will be preoccupied with other stuff. You should focus on your posture, workout and gait instead.

10. Exceeding your limit

You should know what works best for your body and where to call it quits. You should not push yourself so much that you injure yourself while working out.

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