10 quick tips to look amazing in your wedding dress

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We all want to look great in the big day, we want to look slim and fit. However, time always steals us and we find ourselves with limited time and a valuable goal. That’s why we’re providing you with some quick tips that will help you lose weight and look gorgeous on your wedding day:


  • Work out

    bridal workout

Healthy nutrition is not always enough. However the problem for every bride to be is that the lack of time. You can make the best out of your 30 minute workout according to your goal. If your wedding dress is backless, focus on shoulders and upper back during work out. But if you have a mermaid one, then you should focus on glutes and back. As for a ball dress, you have to focus on shoulders and arms.


  • Work out even if you don’t have time

    Use the stairs

The idea is to move even if you don’t have time for an exercise routine. Use the stairs instead of the elevator and walk to a near shop instead of using the car.


  • Avoid emotional eating

    emotional eating

It comes usually with stress which is the best friend of any future bride. Try always to overcome with anything rather than eating like a hot shower or a breathing exercise.


  • Drink water

    drinking water

This is a golden rule because water doesn’t only help a bride has a glowing skin and bright eyes, but it also aids in weight loss as it boost your metabolism. The best thing is to always keep a bottle of water with you whenever you go in order not to forget to drink.


  •  Boost your metabolism with 2 other drinks

    drinking coffee in the morning

They are coffee and water with turmeric and cayenne pepper, especially if drank in the morning. Black coffee also makes you feel full and water with turmeric and cayenne pepper helps you have a glowing skin.


  • Cut salt

    cut salt

Salt causes water retention which will make you look bloated even if you don’t gain extra weight. The easiest thing is to evacuate your home from any chips or pretzels to make resistance easier.


  • Cut sugar

    cut sugar

It’s difficult to make it alone because a stressed bride always feels that the molten chocolate cake will make things better. Fruits rich in anti-oxidants like pomegranates can help as they keep your blood sugar from dropping too low, which leads to sugar craving.


  • Never skip breakfast

    high protein breakfast

It might be the most important meal of the day. Moreover, it has a double importance for anyone who wants to lose weight, especially a high protein breakfast, as it resists hunger for longer during the day which makes you eat less. Make sure to have eggs or yogurt for breakfast.


  • Never skip a meal

    eating a fatty meal

The normal day for any counting down bride is a shopping tour all over the day which might makes skipping meals common, therefore extra belly fat. This is the worst thing you can make when you want to lose weight especially that that the day will end with one BIG FAT meal. Make your meal times as important as your makeup artist and tailor ones. Always make sure to keep some healthy snacks in your bag like an apple or a handful of almonds.


  • Eat slowly

    eating slowly

Don’t under estimate such tip because most of our feeling of hunger comes from our mind. When you eat slowly, you get bored easily, and thus feel full quickly.

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