10 Reasons to Start Swimming Now

Swim Benefits

swimIt’s a total-body workout: You don’t have to use weights in your workout routine, because swimming already tackles everything from sculpting your back to toning your arms.

It’s beneficial for your joints If you’re recovering from an injury and want to build strength, then start a swimming routine to stay fit.

It’s muscle-lengthening: If you want a bulky-look, then start swimming now. It involves resistance training and cardio together, and helps build lean muscle and boosting your metabolism. It also puts your body through a range of movements, that stretch your muscles and help them stay long and flexible.


South-African-Paralympic-swimmer-Achmat-Hassiem-APIt’s helpful with exercise-induced asthma: The first thing many athletes do; is to jump into the pool to relieve exercise-resulted asthma. This is because swimming allows you to work out in moist air, reducing asthma symptoms. Also because swimming needs some breath control from your body, it improves your overall lung and breathing capacity.

It doesn’t require fancy equipment: You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds to swim. All you need is a swimsuit and a pool.


It’s a great way to burn calories: One hour of moderate swimming can burn around 500 calories. And this in turn boosts your metabolism.

There are several variations: The exercising routines are endless when it comes to swimming. Beyond all four strokes, you can kick, pull, or even use the wall for push-ups!

It’s optimal for cross-training: Trade gym workouts for the pool. Swimming will actually improve overall performance at the gym and vice versa! When you’re training for a marathon or any other competition, jumping in the pool can be a plus over your competitors.

photos_demandstudios_com_getty_article_110_213_78654502_XSIt maximizes your cardio: Swimming is the best aerobic exercise. There is more breath control compared to running, thus an increased demand for oxygen will cause your muscles to work harder.

It’s refreshing: Jumping into a pool is refreshing! You don’t need to be a professional swimmer to get the benefits of swimming. Have fun with it, and enjoy being in the water. If anything, you’ll walk away with a nice tan and an endorphin kick!


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