10 Steps To Measure your Actual Comfy Shoe Size

10 Steps To Measure your Actual Comfy Shoe Size Main

Choosing the right footwear size can be a little bit confusing. Think of how many times we ordered shoes from online websites and their sizes weren’t exact? And how many times we had to return our pair of shoes just because they weren’t comfy enough especially those sporty running shoes we buy to work out in.

Since Black Friday is right here, and most people tend to order the products they need online from local and worldwide websites,

Here are 10 steps to measure your exact shoe size:

1-Grap a piece of paper and put it down to the floor: On a solid surface such (avoid carpets) you are going to trace an outline of your foot.
2- Put your foot firmly on top of the piece of paper.

3- With a pen draw the outline of your foot all the way around: Try to wear the socks you are planning to wear with the shoes you would like to buy, to measure the right size, for example if you are buying a running shoes to wear in the gym then use the socks you usually put on in the gym.

4- Measure the length and width of your foot on the paper: With a marker, draw straight line touching each side of the outline, horizontally and vertically.

5- Measure the length of your foot: Use a ruler to measure the length from the top to bottom. Write it down.  This is going to a great degree to determine your shoe size.

6- Measure the width of your foot: Measure horizontally in between the left and right sides and write the number down. Shoes differ in their widths, so this number will greatly help you choose the most appropriate size.

7- Subtract 3/16ths of an inch from each number: This is to accommodate the small space between the line made by the pencil and your actual foot

8- Use your length and width measurements to find your shoe size on the sizing chart: Men and women like every other sizes use different shoe sizes

mens-shoe-size-chart (1)

9- For women and men, find your length measurement separately on the below chart.

mens-shoe-size-chart (1)
10- Take your foot width in consideration: Shoes width size ranges through AA, A, B, C, D, E, EE, and EEEE. B is average for women, However D is average for men. A and below are narrow, E and up are wide and extra-wide (See chart below).

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