10 Suhoor Recipes to Prepare In 5 mins

Suhoor Recipes

If you’re looking for easy fast recipes you can prepare for suhoor in less than 5 minutes, look no more! We’ve made a list of 10 suhoor recipes to prepare in 5 minutes, for you! Remember your 2 glasses of water after your meal; happy suhoor!

Salmon with eggs, cheese and spinach/Rocca toast

salmon - Suhoor

Base your meal with a toast or muffin, spread cheese (+/-) lay down your spinach or Rocca leaves, and top it with eggs your way! 

Super salad

Super Salad - Recipe

In a medium bowl, throw some Walnuts, fresh mint, lettuce, sweet corn, red beans, onions, and literally any superfood you love (apples, strawberries, avocadoes, chickpeas…etc.)!

The iconic grilled cheese sandwich

grilled cheese sandwhich

Cheeseeeee and toast and grill! Add some side salad to up the meal’s water content!

Power up

peanut butter Rice Cake

Peanut butter, banana, and honey on toast or rice cakes, a mix of energy and serotonin to fuel your day!

Yogurt and granola

yogurt Granola

The perfect match! Yogurt and granola go together perfectly, and a little assortment of fruit are their cherry on top!

The trio za3tar, labneh, and veggies

za3tar Labneh Sandwich

The delicious trio, za3tar labneh and your or our favorite veggies (fresh mints, tomatoes, and cucumber), in a man’ouche/ Lebanese bread/ or toast!

Oats and fruits/ dates

oats and Fruits Suhoor

Oats are nutritional! Drop in some fruits or dates and power up!

Cottage cheese with pomegranate 

cottage cheese

Base with crackers, rice cakes, or toast and spread some cottage cheese with pomegranate pearls ( you could also add spinach or arugula! 

Beetroot hummus and lettuce


Spread some beetroot hummus on your base and add some greens on top! Bone appetite! 

Eggs and avocadoes


Boil, poach, scramble or fry your eggs, and slice or mash some avocadoes. Add a base or greens to your likings, a pinch of spices, and you’re all set!

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