10 Water Sports & Activities To Cool Off The Summer Heat

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With the temperature rising high, we tend to prefer to take everything closer to water to cool off the heat. Listed below, are 10  water sports and activities you can take part of and enjoy during your heated vacation!

1. Snorkeling

Our Beautiful coasts house plenty of vivid sea animals and plants, so take a look. Snorkeling  could be more exciting when accompanied by a dolphin or a whale!

2. Wreck-Diving

Set out for an underwater adventure of diving through wrecks and ruins with stories and thrills.

3. Parasailing

Your parachute can sail! It is a breathtaking experience to in the middle of the ocean, between both the surface and the sky.

4. Kayaking

Cairo’s Nile welcomes all kayakers on birdwatching trips throughout the summer!

5. Kite surfing

Harness the power of the wind and get surfing!

6. Wake-boarding

This sport is similar to kitesurfing, yet requires less skills, as the surfing power is mainly from an engine, and not the wind..and it’s speedier!

7. Sup Yoga

Meditation and balance is key to serenity, so why not take it to the water?

8. Sea walking

You can’t walk above water, but you can walk down below!

9. Underwater scooter 

Underwater scooters are the new deal, and there’s definitely less traffic and more parking spots under the sea!

10. Underwater hockey

Just like above, but taken down below! Underwater hockey has actually emerged as a professional sport, how much difficult could it be?

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