10 Ways to Stay Hydrated During Ramadan Days

Hydration Food

Ramadan calls for change, upgrades, healthy habits and lifestyles, minds, bodies, and souls, and with the day’s high temperatures, HYDRATION! Here are 10 ways to keep your body hydrated and healthy throughout your fasting hours!

Don’t ditch the Date!

Dates Hydration Tips

Dates are a tradition during Ramadan, Prophet Mohammad used to break his fast with them. Dates are rich in many elements, like copper, selenium, and magnesium; they help the human body cells to store water!

The ABC’s of energy; Apples and Bananas 

banana apple

Both apples and bananas are fruits low in calories and high in essential nutritional elements like fiber, Vitamin C, and antioxidants, all of which can help you from feeling drained, and fuel you up with energy.

Add water-ful, juicy fruits

Juicy fruits

Adding water-rich foods like, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber, oranges, kiwi, and in your suhoor meal could keep you hydrated throughout the day!

Go for the yogurt


As little as a spoonful of yogurt could work miracles! Eating yogurt at the end of your suhoor helps to calm your stomach and prevent acidity and acid refluxes, ultimately avoiding you from being dehydrated!

Root for Beetroot juice

Beetroot juice.

This is a bit new on the menu! A cup of beetroot juice is 100 calories with 25 grams of carbohydrates. Beets are a good source of, potassium, calcium, folate, fiber, antioxidants, and nitrates. Not only do they keep you hydrated, but they also lower the blood pressure and increase stamina in athletes by helping transport oxygen and stimulating blood circulation! Let’s root it!

Indulge that Soup

soup Ramadan

Try not to skip your soup at iftar, especially if it is diluted with broth. Not only does it hydrate your body, but it also balances the electrolytes lost during your fasting.

Drink TWO 230 ml glasses of water at suhoor

water Ramadan

Water, please! Try to drink two full (230 ml) glasses of water following your suhoor meal! 

Jump in a cold (not freezing) shower


Jump into the shower midday for a cold (not freezing), refreshing feel! It rehydrates your skin!

Lower your caffeine and nicotine intake


During your non-fasting hours, try to lower both your caffeine and nicotine intake to keep your body from dehydrating.

Less Spices and salt, please! 


We all love sugar and spice and everything nice! But… using less salt and spices during Ramadan will help keep your body hydrated, so keep it moderate!

“Periodic fasting can help clear up the mind and strengthen the body and the spirit.”

Ramadan Kareem!

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