10 wellness gifts to wrap for your Mamas this Mother’s day!

Mothers Day Ideas

As Mother’s day approaches, we all fall in the pit of “what to get?”, and because our mothers are metaphorically, our roots and foundations, we owe it to them to reflect back a fraction of their unconditional love, and what better way to do that, than to spoil them with wellness gifts?

 Here are 10 Mother’s day gifts ideas that would definitely help you out:

1. Spoil her with a Spa Day!

Many spas have mother’s days offers, and if you’re a lady too, there are offers for both of you. There is nothing a bath and a good massage cannot fix.

2. A personal blender

Whether it is for a juice or a protein shake, personal blenders are awesome gifts. They are small, easy to use, and are pretty practical.

3. A yoga mat

Yoga mats will help our mamas do their exercises or yoga at home comfortably.

4. Dance classes!

There are plenty of options, from belly dancing to Bollywood dancing, so sign up for your mother, and maybe even for yourself too, dancing loves company!

5. Fitness classes

The list is long, if your mother would love to be part of abs classes, MMA classes, HIIT classes, yoga classes…etc, it would be a good idea to take her to one!

6. A monthly membership at the gym

Figure out the most convenient gym for your mother, and buy her a month’s worth of membership.

7. Essential oils

Essential oils are therapeutic. Aromatherapy increases both health and happiness, so pamper her with lavender, tea tree, rose, or peppermint oil.

8. Sportswear! 

Running shoes, and sports clothes are both convenient and good-looking, so treat her to some, or any!

9. Salt baths and body products

The different combinations of colors and scents, relaxes, detoxifies, relieves pain and stress, and moisturizes the skin. Mamas will love it!

10. Healthy food/recipes cookbook

If Mama loves cooking, buy her a gift cookbook full of healthy delicious recipes!

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