9 women that have The Beauty & The Beast inside

Beauty and Beast Main

For many years women who lift weights have been labeled as mannish or tomboys. However, those 5 fitness figures along with many others preceded them are proving that you can lift weights and be pretty at the same time. Mostly important, they empower many women out there to do what they are passionate about with the fear of being stereotyped.

  • Dalia El Amry

    Dalia el Amry

    She is not just a CrossFit and weighlifting coach, but also a kickboxing and weighlifting one. Dalia El Amry, the 4th Fittest Middle East woman in 2015, seems to choose all what is daring and scary for women and this didn’t at any level affect her beauty and feminine touch.

  • Aya El Kolaly

    Aya El Kolaly

    Aya El Kolaly the coach at The Lab and Rugby player is one of the very beautiful women in the fitness community inside out.

  • Farah Nofal

    Farah Nofal

    Some women are multitaskers, others are multitaskers and beautiful like Farah Nofal. Farah masters fitness from East to West, she is a certified CrossFit Coach, certified yoga teacher,  certified weightlifting coach, and Integrative nutrition health coach.

  • Sonia Shirazi

    Sonia Main

    She is not just a beautiful fit woman, Sonia Shirazi that keeps on empowering women in Egypt for a better body and healthy lifestyle. Her fitness multitasking is an empowerment itself as she is a Body Combat, Body Jam, jumping, and TRX instructor.

  • Rowana Badry

    RowanWe don’t know what deserves our admiration more; her healthy tasty dishes or her rich fitness articles or her attractive look. Rowana Badry is a certified fitness instructor and a coach at one of the life changing fitness venues in town, BeFit.

  • Salma Magdy


    She is a weightlifter and seterotype changer that proves that women can do whatever they want without this contradiciting with being pretty and fabulous.

  • Allaa Ashmawi

    Allaa Ashmawi is a sort of inspiration for many young ladies that proves that when you want to do what you want, the only barrier is yourself. Allaa is a coach at Fitnation and Athletics For Life, she dances, writes, does CrossFit and fashion designing, and does whatever she wants breaking another stereotype that beautiful ladies are shallow from inside.

  • Zeina Kassas

    Zeina is not just a sexy woman who lifts weights, Zeina masters at many things at a time. She is a ISSA certified sports nutrition specialist, coach at Athletics For Life, and product manager at Yumamia. She is definitely a role model for many women and girls out there.

  • Salma Ghazzawi

    SG Main

    All what you can look for an inspiring young lady, beauty, sexiness, fitness as a strenght and conditioning assistant coach at BeFit, and a promising professional career as a dentist.

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