6 Simple Tricks That Can Help Prevent Overeating

Food comas get old real quick. If you struggle with overeating and portion control, it’s time to rethink old habits and redesign your relationship with meals. Start with these 11 straightforward tips:

1. Know your needs

When your diet doesn’t feel like a guessing game, you’re more likely to make smart decisions at meals.  You can use Calorie Counter Tools to learn your numbers and make educated decisions about what you’re eating.

2. Measure things out 

You can’t be exactly sure of what you’re eating unless you measure out portions properly. Instead of eyeballing everything, pick up some portion-control products so you can be precise.

3. Never show up too hungry

When you arrive at a meal feeling famished, you’re much more likely to overdo it. Enjoy quality snacks during the day to keep your hunger in check for meals.

4. Cook one serving

Take temptation out of the picture by cooking single-size servings of your favorite foods. This way, you won’t have to struggle with saying no to the extras lurking in your fridge.

5. Choose smaller plates

Serve your meal on a salad or dessert plate. Studies show that using a smaller plate helps with weight loss and portion control.

6. Sit down to eat

Turn off outside distractions, sit at the table, and focus on your food. You’ll be able to slow down, enjoy your meal, and feel more satisfied from what’s on your plate.

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