12 New Hustling and Empowering Moms to follow this March!

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Here’s to 10 New Moms Hustling and juggling glamorously in the health, fitness and wellness world! Happy mothers’ day to every Mama out there, new or in love again! Read along to meet our pick of 10 new athletic moms!

Dalia Youssef

Dalia Youssef

Dalia is an architect and athlete; she was a former swimmer in the Meridian Regionals 2018 Teams. The new mom is a hustling cross-fitter and a CF-L1 Certified Trainer!

Diala Jamaleddin

Diala Jamal El Deen

Mama, artist, former Tennis player, Yoga teacher, Coach & Personal trainer, and ISSA certified nutritionist! Diala’s killing it as a mother and an athlete!

Dalia Omar

Dalia Omar

Dalia is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Peak Pilates & Booty barre Instructor, jumping and Zumba, and through it all, a devoted new mum! 

Mayar Azmy 

Mayar Crossfit

Coach Mama? Mayar Azmy has her baby and athletes all taken care of!

Rowana Badry

Rowana Badry

Health & Wellness Director at LA7, Founder of Nourish, ON ambassador, Fitness Professional/Coach Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and above and through all, a mama! Rowan is doing an extra-ordinary job with time-management!

Dalya Darwish

Dalia Darwesh Crossfit

New mom and fittest woman in Egypt 2015, 2016,2018 & 2020, National Champion of Egypt, and coach! Dalya is one heaven of a woman!

Reem Hossam 

Reem Hossam Yoga

Between teaching yoga, and raising a new baby, Reem is gloriously managing! 

May Morad

Mai Morad LA7

Fitness Professional, architect, group Fitness Director, Coach at La7, mama May is NASM Certified, PN Nutrition Coach, USAW Level 1, Animal Flow Level 1 athlete! Who said you can’t do it all?! 

Mona Essawi

monna essawi

Lifestyle & food blogger Mona Essawi welcomes a new life with grace!

Nada Tobgi

Nada Tobgi Alex

Fighter, Mauy Thai and kickboxing instructor Mama, Nada Tobgi is acing every role! The athlete and Super mom is also an animal flow regional leader, and a boxing coach! Impressed yet?!

Maria Bishara

Maria Bishara

Certified Lindafit Pilates instructor and online/live programs/ personal trainer Maria Bishara has made being an athlete and a new mom at the same time, look easy!

Menna Eissa

Menna Eissa

Menna Eissa’s super-power is beautifully managing between mother, coach, nutritionist, PT, and kickboxing instructor!

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