13 Simple Wellness Tips to Use During Ramadan

Ramadan Tips

According to modern claims, fasting includes spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits.

Fortunately, for our ancestors fasting was easier and more efficient.
While they used to inhale air saturated with oxygen and free of pollution their body systems cleansed faster. They lived longer & looked more beautiful, stronger, and healthier because the lack of electricity made them sleep early. They got “free of charge” aromatherapy from flowers and herbs on the fields.
If nowadays we could study our body cells, they would tell a story, a history of every substance we have eaten, breathed and come in contact with. The average human being now uses more chemicals than they should. Not to mention the multitude of chemicals in shampoos, heavy metals in deodorant, dangerous substances in mouthwash and toothpastes, all of which can be found in every cell of our 20th century bodies.

The question is: “How to perform our religious rituals in Ramadan living in the middle of Mendeleev’s table and still look fresh, healthy, hygienic and be energetic?”

1- Drink a lot of water and juice & eat raw fruits and vegetables from Iftar to sohoor.
2- After breakfast (iftar) cool showers, short sessions of sauna, Jacuzzi, and steam baths are very beneficial, always have your bottle of water in your hands.
3. Add some natural food in your diet for better skin, hair and nails.
4.  Apply sun screen when exposed to sun as dehydrated skin is prone to pigmentation.
5. Splash your face with clean drinking water several times during the day, I use refrigerated rose water with spay.
6.  Wear clothes including hejab made of natural fabrics.
7. Use nourishing and moisturizing masks and creams for body, face and hair.
8.  To increase detoxification effect during fasting: drink detox tea and have lymphatic drainage treatments, massages, bathes. Change your fancy deodorant with aluminum to “shabba”
9. It’s very good to exercise when fasting, it will promote metabolism, detoxification and give you a healthy appetite.
10. Please watch what you eat during Ramadan, some types of food can make you look dull and feel exhausted next morning.
11. Sleep at least 9 hours per day, your sleeping habits appear on your face.
12. Stop bad habits.
13. Don’t use air freshness and chemical body splashes.

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