15 Places to Run This Ramadan

Places to Run in Ramadan

Jogging before Iftar has almost become a Ramadan tradition, and we’re here to keep it alive.  Grouped by neighborhoods, we’ve listed below 15 different options for your pre-Iftar runs this Ramadan. 


Ahl Masr Walkway

Mmasha ahl masr

Overlooking the Nile, Mamsha Ahl Masr is possibly the best Nile jog experience you’ll ever have. 

Al Azhar Park

azhar park

Known for its expansive greenery and breathtaking Islamic architecture, Al Azhar Park is a great spot for a pre-Iftar run. 


The Nile Corniche 

maadi corniche

While almost all Maadi streets are suitable for running, a quick run along the Maadi Corniche is something else. 

Wadi Degla Protectorate 

Wadi Ibex

If you’re more into hiking, this sandy desert canyon with sheer, rocky walls is an excellent option for you. 


Mokattam Corniche 

Mokattam Corniche

This isn’t your usual Nile corniche; the Mokattam Corniche is a street overlooking the entire city of Cairo. You should definitely give it a go if you’ve never been there. 

Nasr City

Child Park

child park

Located off Makram Ebeid, Child Park has great tracks where you can do up to a 1.5 km loop. 

International Park

International park

The spacious corridors of the International Park’s garden are perfect for a tranquil pre-Iftar run. 

Cairo International Stadium

cairo stadium

If you’re serious about your pre-Iftar runs, head straight to Cairo International Stadium in Nasr City. 


Merryland Park


The renowned Merryland has urban green space with shade trees and walking paths that work great for a nice and peaceful run. 

New Cairo 

Family Park 


New Cairo’s Family Park is an open area park with plenty of activities and jogging spaces. 

El Rehab 

Al Rehab

El Rehab is a private city in New Cairo with perfect streets for running. 

Cairo Festival City Mall


While mostly known for its mall, Cairo Festival City is huge with homes, offices, entertainment, and plenty of open space for pre-Iftar runs. 




The streets of Madinaty make a perfect, safe spot for running.  

Sheikh Zayed

Zayed Central Park 

Zayed Central Park

Zayed Central Park is perfect for your pre-Iftar runs. 


Obour City Open Air Gym

Obour City Gym

Obour recently launched Cairo’s first open-air gym. Head to its sports tracks for your pre-Iftar run. 

While these are all great options, running is a low-maintenance activity that can be carried out literally anywhere. 

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