15 powerful beasts who electrified ElFit 10th edition

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New events means new faces and new talents. Here are eighteen powerful beasts who despite their relative newness to the fitness field have electrified the grand ElFit arena on the 10th edition of the event. Whether it was their unexpected performance or their impressive results, these building-up beasts have reflected the toughness by which their will and persistence are honed, driving extreme training and awe-inspiring outcomes.

RX division

Ibrahem Magdy

Though it was his first appearance at the RX competition, Ibrahem displayed a fascinating performance, making it to the final event of the RX division.

Ibrahim Mowfak, Youssef Ehab, Ahmed Kamal

Ibrahim Mowafak
Youssef Ehab
Ahmed Kamal

Their first appearance in the RX division competition and these three striving athletes, Ibrahim, Youssef, and Ahmed, have presented an unexpected significant performance.

Scaled Division 

Diego Ahmed

Diego Ahmed

Striking a spectacular performance, Diego has secured the 1st-finish place of the scaled division.

Mohsen Hetta

Mohsen Heta

Striking a spectacular performance as well, Mohsen has secured the 2nd-finish place in the scaled division.

Amr Wanas

Amar Anas

After a great performance, Amr has won the 4th-finish place in the scaled division.

Male Team

Abdallah Kamil

Abdalla Kamil

After an amazing performance, Abdallah Kamil has secured the 3rd-finish place of the Men’s division.

Omar Hossary & Abdulrahman Ehab

Omar El Hossary
Abdelrahman Ehab

Together in the same team, Omar and Abdulrahman have managed to make it to the final event, securing the 7th-finish place after an amazing performance.

Mixed Teams

Ahmed Emad

Ahmed Emad

After successfully making it to the final event of the mixed teams, Ahmed has won the 4th-finish place after presenting a great performance.

Ahmed Saad

Ahmed Saad

Ahmed has made it to the final event of the mixed teams division, winning the 5th-finish place after a great performance.

Ahmed Raafat

Ahmed Ghanem

Competing in the final event, Ahmed Raafat has secured the 6th-finish place in the mixed teams division.

Ahmed Ashraf 

Ahmed Ashraf

Ahmed Ashraf has won the 7th place finish after displaying a good performance in the mixed teams division.

U21 – (under 21 years)

Moataz Kenawi

Motaz Kenawi

After presenting a great performance in the U21 division, Moataz has succeeded in securing the 5th-finish place in the final event.

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