15 Rising Female Stars who surprised us at ElFit 10th edition!

Every year, the steaming ElFit sports event displays never-stopping-to-amuse performances of hustling athletes that celebrate the abilities and powers of humans and what they can achieve when they put mind and body into it. Every year, the event brings the opportunity of revealing the unseen hustling days of vigorous training, sweating, and struggling before the public eyes, molded into unbelievable performances that awe-inspire everyone. This year is no different. Here are 15 girls, 15 rising stars who dazzled everyone with their unexpected performances, climbing the ladder so quickly despite being relatively new into the game. They have heavily challenged themselves, bringing out unexpected results. Check out their names!

The Rising Stars

RX division

Nada Gamal

Nada Gamal

On her first appearance in the RX division, Nada has displayed a fantastic performance, making it to the finals – not an easy task especially for a first-time player.

Scaled Division

Rowan ElBadry

Rowan Elbadry

Despite practicing crossfit for only 5 months, Rowan didn’t only display spectacular performance, but she rose so high as to seize the 1st place of the scaled division!

Rowan is a coach at BeFit 360.

Nermine Abdellatif

Nermin Aboutaleb

A competitor at the Hit Fitness Center. Nermine has presented an outstanding performance in the scaled division, getting the 2nd-place finish.

Hana Shokry

Hana shokry

In the scaled division, Hana has made an excellent performance, getting the 3rd-place finish.

Reemar El Kilany

Reemar ElKilany

Reemar is a competitor at the Hit Fitness Center. In the scaled division, Reemar has made an amazing performance, getting the 5th-place finish.

Mixed Teams Division

Hana Shamarka

hana shamarka

A coach at the Hit Fitness Center. Hana’s great performance got her somewhere, making her the 1st-place winner of the mixed teams competition.

Nada Sallam

Nada Sallam

A coach at the Hit Clan. Nada has got the 6th-place finish of the mixed teams competition.

Norhan Hafez

Norhan Hafez

A coach at the Pharaoh’s Athletic Club (the PAC). Norhan has earned the 8th-place finish of the mixed teams division.

U21 Division – under 21 years

Hana Mansy

Hana Mansy

A coach at Hit Clan. Hana is the 1st place winner of the U21 division.

Mariam Mohamed

Mariam Mohamed

Mariam has got herself the 3rd-place finish of the U21 division.

Rawan Farid

Rawan Farid

Rawan has secured the 4th-place finish of the U21 division.

Sara El Deeb

Sara ElDeeb

Sara has got the 5th-place finish of the U21 division.

U19 Division – under 19 years

Marwa Salah

marwa salah

Hitting an excellent performance, Marwa has secured the 1st-place finish of the U19 division.

Amy Samy

Amy Samy

An excellent performance as well, Amy has earned the U19 2nd-place finish.

Hagar El Daramally

Hagar Eldaramally

Making a great performance, Hagar has earned the 3rd-place finish of the U19 division.

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