2015 Fitness Trends You Need to Be A Part Of

Fitness Trends

Though we have just gotten started with 2015, studies have been taken about what are the top trending fitness activities and the results are out.  Recently in the past years, the fitness industry has taken its poll in Egypt and the Middle East.  People are now more aware of how important it is to stay healthy and keep fit.  As a maturing industry, gyms, fitness centers, dietician clinics, & performance enhancement organizations can be found all over Egypt.

Let’s take a quick look at the most trending fitness activities around.


  • Body Weight Training: A simple, time-saving solution to exercising. Body Weight Training does not require equipment and can be done almost anywhere.  The main focus of Body Weight Training is to improve endurance by increasing the amount of repetitions & gaining strength by increasing the intensity of the work-out.



  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): These work-outs are short timed but non-the-less intense.  With a surge of intensity followed by periods of rest this work-out will allow you to burn fat, lose weight & increase your metabolism all within a 30 minute session. No equipment necessary.




  • Training with a personal trainer or an educated or certified fitness professional: No one work-out routine is suitable for everyone. It is important that you understand that your body is unique and needs customized exercises.  With that being said, people are now realizing that working with a trainer or fitness professional even just as a beginning step is necessary for effective results, safety, and more importantly it’s a motivational technique.  Find out 10 reasons you need a personal trainer.


Strength Training


  • Strength Training: This is not one type of exercise; Strength Training is a technique that should be incorporated into your work-out routine.  The name explains itself.  This type of physical exercise will ultimately, if done correctly or under supervision, provide functional benefits to improve your health by, building strength, anaerobic endurance, and grow your skeletal muscles.



  • Yoga: Now growing as a trend in Egypt, Yoga is slowing being correctly understood.  Yoga is not just flexibility; actually it is about learning physical, mental, and spiritual discipline.  There is a wide variety of yoga types that can be done.

Old Workout


  • Fitness Programs for Older Adults: Exercise can have a huge impact as you age, and due to this significant fact, older generations have accepted the fact that physical activity is essential.  Specialized work-out routines and techniques have been established for older people and are on the rise of awareness.



  • Functional Fitness: Long story short, anything that seems hard to do now physically during your day to day lifestyle will be as easy as picking up a piece of paper.  Functional Training focuses on increasing strength while eliminating unhealthy fats for easier movement and a fitter life.

Group Fitness


  • Group Personal Training: Why exercise alone when you and do it with a group while still getting individualized attention by the coach.  Group Personal Training is a great way to get motivated and stay fit.  There is a wide range of Group Personal Training classes available and for all kinds of fitness goals.
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