25 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

25 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

Here’s a weight loss plan that really works! Check out how to drop two pounds a week by cutting 500 calories daily, without workout.

1.   Tapping


Have you ever thought that your skinnier friends are probably fidgeters, and by fidgeters we mean that they can burn up to 350 calories a day just by tapping their feet or being restless?

Walk around in the room while you’re on the phone, or tap out a tune with your hands and your feet.


2.   Avoid too much nuts

Mixed Nuts

Especially if they’re served in a big bowl. The bigger the bowl in front of you, the more you’ll eat.

Okay, nuts do have healthy fats, but they contain a lot of calories, 1 handful of mixed nuts for example has about 175 calories; imagine if you eat 3 handfuls, then you’ll consume about 525 calories. Cut out nuts altogether and trim more than 500 calories.


3.    Don’t eat in front of the TV


If you ate in front of the TV, you’ll consume up to 288 calories and even more. Instead, eat at the table, and go for one-hour casual walk. Together, that’s 527 calories burned, without workout.


4.   Pay attention to salad toppings


A big plate full of salad might seem like a healthy food, but all those dressings on top can make it more calorie-laden than lasagna or fettuccine Alfredo. Cheese crumbles, caramelized nuts, bacon, avocado, dried fruit, croutons, and vinaigrettes can add lots of calories.

Trim 500 or more calories by eliminating toppings to one topping only, and add flavor by lower-cal veggies roasted bell peppers, grilled onions, or mushrooms for example.


5.    Use smaller plates


Trade your 12-inch plate for a 10-inch one. You’ll eat 20 to 25% less—and cut up to 500 calories. You won’t notice a change but your body definitely will.


6.    Skip the whip

marijuana-whipped-creamCoffee creations like whipped cream and syrups can contain about 670 calories, with large sizes. So if you crave whipped cream, try it on a shot of espresso for a total of just 30 calories. Now you saved 640 calories, without workout or efforts.


7.  Reduce your snacks (chips and crackers)


Try not to eat your snacks from a large bag, because when you eat from a bag you definitely will keep eating until it’s empty. Try to use small plates, to measure how much you eat.


8.    Serve and sit

Family Enjoying meal,mealtime Together

Trim  hundreds of calories by putting your food in plates before bringing them to the table; leave serving dishes in the kitchen, too.


9.    Skinny up cocktails


Syrups and creamy additions turn healthy drinks into a source of too much calories; have your drinks mixed with club soda, tonic water, cranberry juice, or a squeeze of citrus; you’ll save up to 800 calories.


10.Be aware of pasta


One cup of pasta is just 220 calories. But restaurants dishes tend to use about 480% larger than that 1 cup, which’s 1,056 calories. So even if you eat 2 whole cups of noodles, you’ll still be able to cut 616 calories.


11.Limit dinner guests


Eating with seven or more persons can make you eat 96% more than you will normally eat.


12.Don’t clean your plate


Leave 25% of your food on the plate at every meal, instead, save the remains as leftovers for a yummy lunch the next day.

If you normally eat 2,000 calories or more a day, you’ll trim 500 calories.


13.Check mini versions of your favorite dessert


Check out menus for small versions of great desserts, so you can avoid calo­ries and end your meal on a sweet note.

14.Minimize your ice cream flavors choices


Try 5-ounce size of your favorite flavor instead of a 12-ounce, you’ll save about 550 calories this way.


15.Pay attention to healthy food as well


People feel safe when the menu is full of healthy options. In this case, you’re more likely to order drinks, sides, and desserts with up to 131% more calories when you have a healthy entrée. Avoid sides that are rich in calories and save more than 500 calories.


16.Beware hidden oils


Have your food cooked with a little stock instead of oil, or go for steamed food; this will make it healthy and will save you up to 124 calories per tablespoon of oil


17.Get enough sleep


A lack of sleep makes you want to eat more. People who get less than 5 hours of sleep have a greater opportunity to snack more.


18.Be hostess


Go grocery shopping for 1 hour, put away your groceries, then spend 2 hours cooking a fabulous meal, set the table, and serve.

Then congratulations, you burned 640 calories!




19.Avoid soda


Swap your soft drink for water and save as many as 540 calories.



20. Concentrate on fill up-food


For breakfast, eat 2 boiled or poached eggs. Before lunch and dinner, enjoy 1 cup low-cal soup. You’ll eat about 134 calories less at each meal. This will help you save about 684 calories for the day.


21.Replace buttered popcorn with your home made one


The large popcorn at the cinema contains 1,005 calories. Make your own microwave popcorn 94% fat-free, and save more than 700 calories.



22.Listen to your tummyfeel-more-full

Listen to your body, to know how full you feel, and put down your fork when you’re satisfied. Never measure it by how clean your plate is.


23.Drink sugar-free


A 20-ounce tea with fruit flavors can have more than 400 calories. Choose sugar-free drinks and save those 400 calories.


24.Count the number of servings in your dish


The calorie count on the menu for Chicken Fried Rice may say 450 calories per serving, but your dish may actually contain 4 servings. Split your food with three friends, and save about 1800 calories.




25.Think small at the ice cream shop

chocolate-oreo-ice-cream2+srgb.Even if you indulge in your favorite full-fat flavor, you’ll save as many as 550 calories with a 5-ounce size instead of a 12-ounce.


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