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Normally at the end of 2016, we need to memorize the important fitness events and milestones that took place along this rich year. The fitness events of 2016 had different tastes and spirits. Many of them were mixed with the most beautiful spots of our country and others changed people dramatically.

We’re bringing you 2016 fitness highlights in this article.

  • #Ignite_The_Nile & #Ignite_The_Beach as well: Feb 18th & April 18th

    Ignite The Nile

    Ignite The BeachThis year Ignite decided to change the nature of exercising by their 2 camps #Ignite_The_Nile and #Ignite_The_Beach. They chose 2 of the most superb locations in Egypt; Luxor and Marassi. The camps weren’t just about fitness activities, they included sightseeing, leadership, and teamwork activities.

  • H.I.T Combat: Feb 19th

    HIT CombatCoinciding with the opening of Platnium Club, Hit Egypt celebrated it with the H.I.T Combat event in which they invited  most of the prominent Crossfit spots in Egypt teams to compete. It was a fierce competition and all teams played hard and Crossfit Stars succeeded to make it to the first place. Crossfit Engine came in the second place, and team Haitham Mahgoub in the third.

  • Nike For Women “NTC”: March 9th

    Nike for womenAs a way to empower Egyptian women, Nike ran the Nike Training Club for women where the conducted workouts sessions followed by a big event. Women exercised, had fun, and released much negative energy.

  • Balance Physique Competition: March 19th

    Balance Physique CompetitionWith physique gaining much popularity, Balance Gym brought the Balance Physique Competition. It was an international competition and anyone had the opportunity to join whether inside or outside Egypt.

  • Cairo Runners Cairo’s Half Marathon: April 15th

    Cairo Half MarathonEvery run of Cairo Runners, many people are gathered to run. But this day was one of a kind because you don’t run 21 km everyday. It was their 4th half marathon and took place at Maadi that ended with cheerful chanting from Cairokee.

  • World Gym Grand Opening: April 16th

    World Gym grand openingWe can’t mention the important fitness events of 2016 without stopping at World Gym grand opening. It’s one of the most professional international gyms that finally opened 3 branches in Egypt this year; at Heliopolis, Dokki, and Dreamland. The opening ceremony was a very exciting one, it wasn’t just about fitness, it included fun muscial and dancing shows.

  • Columbus Ras Sudr Yalla Yoga Camp: April 21st

    Columbus Ras Sudr CampIt was a perfect combination of meditation, calm sunny weather, and relaxing huts introduced by Yalla Yoga.  The fun part wan’t ignored, the camp included a cool pyjama party around the fire.

  • The Fitness Camp: April 29th

    The Fitness CampA weekend in Hurghada where participants were exposed to various range of fitness activities in a stress-free environment far away the traffic jam and conducted by distinguished instructors like Mohamed Omda, Nazli Mahmoud, Abdel Rahman Cavio. A distinguished part of the camp was the Adventure trip that included daring activities, yet challenging like walking on a wire and it ended by ELFIT Tour Fitness competition ! It was organized by In The Zone Sports and powered by Senzo Sporting Club.

  • Hers Rise: May 21st

    Hers RiseIn celebration with their 4th anniversary and as their annual ritual, Hers held the big fitness celebration “Rise” at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski . It was a ladies only event that included a wide range of fitness classes; Yoga, Cheerobics, and more than one class of Les Mills. The event witnessed the presence of global instructors like Jessy Larsen and Gina Grant. The day’s activities included a fitness competition with exciting challenges and valuable prizes. The celebration ended with a belly dancing competition that were judged by the 2 stars Dina and Nagwa Fouad.

  • Ninja Warrior Bel3arabi: May 25th

    Ninja Warrior Bel3arabiIt was a demo for the actual TV show that was shot later in December. It took place at Sahl Hasheesh in the presence of action Egyptian actors like Mohamed Ramadan, Mohamed Lotfy, and Ahmed El Tohamy who tried the obstacles themselves in a real challenging atmosphere.

  • FitNation Competition Games: May 30th

    FitnationIt was round 8 of FitNation games where different teams of FitNation members competed in teams in different challenges. The winners were SilverGiant Crossfit and Fit Factory.

  • Crossfit Monkey Bars Jungle Games: June 3rd

    Crossfit Monkey Bars Jungle GamesThe Monkeys celebration with their first anniversary should have been with some fun in the Jungle Games. The day was divided into two main activities; bodyweight exercises and dodge ball games. The winners were SilverGiant Crossfit and Fit Factory.

  • Urban Fight Night by F3: June 4th

    Urban Fight Night

    It was an adrenalin rush night dominated by boxing and MMA until King Cheetah grabbed the title!

  • Crossfit Hustle In The Zone Sports Ramadan Fitness competition: June 23rd

    Ramadan Fitness CompetitionRamadan Fitness Competition, brought by In The Zone Sports, isn’t a new thing to 2016, but this year it was different as it was held with the grand opening of Crossfit Hustle. The competition was a Teams only event; Scaled category and Elite Category and the winners were Crossfit Stars, SilverGiant Crossfit, and Crossfit Pharaohs.

  • Urban Race: August 12th

    Urban RaceUrban Race is the only Obstacle Racing Series in Egypt founded and organized by Stallions and this year was its third season. After many activations in different gyms and Crossfit locations, the big day came on the 12th of August in Marassi. We saw people dramatically changing while passing the obstacles because they really conquered their inner fear!

  • Hedaya Malak’s honoring at Shooting Club: Sep 8th

    Hedaya Malak2016 shouldn’t have passed without honoring one of  2016 Rio Summer Olympics champs, Hedaya Malak, for being the first Arab and African Taekwondo player to qualify for the Olympics Games and winning the bronze medal. The honoring came from Shooting Club and Ministry of Youths and Sports sides with the presence of famous football figures and many media people. The club rewarded Hedaya with a Mazda car.

  • Master Class Aqua Zumba: Sep 22nd

    Master Class Aqua ZumbaA water-based workout that blends high-energy Zumba moves with low-impact aqua fitness that was run by the 2 Zumba icons Kelly Bullard and Emeline Lavender. It was a fun party with a Latin atmosphere.

  • Strong by Zumba Master Class with ZES Kelly Bullard: Sep 23rd

     Zumba StrongAn extraordinary Zumba class like not the usual ones we attend as it combines high intensity interval training and the music rhymes. It was taught by the US Zumba icon Kelly Bullard and the famous Egyptian Zumba instructor Sally Salama and hosted by Ignite.

  •  Aqua Calorie Crush at Fibers: Oct 7th

    Aqua Calorie Crush at FibersA Friday at Fibers that included different outdoor classes inside and outside the pool with the target of burning the maximum amount of calories. There was the Assault Air Bike class by Coach Ahmed Waheed and the Aqua Cycling class by Coach Hany Emam. Although the workouts were very difficult and acquired maximum effort, the participants did it with enjoyment of the weather and the water.

  • Cairo Ripe Market: Oct 14th

    Cairo Ripe MarketThe event’s theme was “Back to basics” to maintain mind, body, and soul. The market gathered the best selection of producers and suppliers of healthy foods, healthy grains, organic vegetables, baked goodies, natural cosmetics, handmade products, and more. However, the event was not just about food, it comprised fitness classes, motivational lectures, and fun activities for kids.

  • El Gouna International Spinning Marathon:

    El Gouna International Spinning MarathonIn its third year, it was like no other thing. Participants cycled by the beach enjoying the dazzling weather of El Gouna and the amazing sea scenery with the presence of distinguished Egyptian instructors like Hany Emam and of course the one and only Gina Grant. It wasn’t just about exercising, participants were entertained along the workout with the beats of DJ Peyotn and oriental and western dancing shows.

  • Zumba Pool Party & Dancing on The Nile by Body Shapers: Oct 7th & Nov 26th

    Body Shapers

    2016 witnessed 2 amazing Zumba parties by Elme3alem of Zumba, Ossama Radwan; one was at Le Passage by the pool and the other was by The Nile at Le Pacha. We don’t have to mention the lively spirit that prevailed the 2 parties and how the stages contributed in dancing. Ossama Radwan introduced new dancing rythms and genres of Zumba, as well as other Zumba instructors, not only from Egypt but also Tunisia, Syria, and other countries. They performed Zumba like no any other thing, we saw performances accompanied by Amr Diab songs and pure oriental ones. Participants were given free vouchers, and mostly important 2 mood lifting nights.

  • ELFIT / Egypt Fitness Fest: Oct 20th

    ELFITThe long awaited 2 events of 2016 that took place at Palm Hills Club! It was a rich and busy weekend for all fitness people in the town trying to distribute their time and effort between the biggest Crossfit competition and the biggest variant fitness festival.
    The atmosphere of ELFIT was a challenging motivational one, people never stopped cheering their teams. One of the most outstanding things of this year was Hassan Gabr. Nobody got surprised when Hassan won the first place in the Elite challenge as everybody who watched him playing this year were certain of this because of his inspiring belief. No wonder that he is now the fittest man in Egypt.

    Egypt Fitness Fest

    Egypt Fitness Fest started with honoring of some Olympians and Paraolympians that were qualified to 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. The event was a real festival with a fun atmosphere for the kids and family. It comprised a wide range of fitness activities like Zumba and pole dancing, as well as The Strongest Man in Egypt competition and Fibers Assault Air Bike challenge, powered by Pro Fit.

  • Egyptian Flag Football League: Nov 18th

    the Egyptian Flag Football LeagueBeing one of the trendiest things in the fitness industry, the Egyptian Federation of American Football brought the first Women Flag Football League in Egypt! Three teams; GUC Eagles, Cairo She Wolves, and Transforma Pink Warriors, competed for the title on 3 consecutive Fridays, and finally Cairo She Wolves proudly won the first place.


  • Sahl Hasheesh Triathlon: Dec 1st

    Sahl Hasheesh TriathlonOrganized by The TriFactory, it was bigger than last year’s. It held the atmosphere of international Olympic games with the presence of Olympians in fact. One of the most prominent things with the attendence of the legendary athlete Sebastian Kienle who praised the triathlon.

  • Fitbox Big City Dreams: Dec 2nd

    Fitbox Big City DreamsIt was the first international fight Cairo has ever witnessed and took place at Fitbox. Fitbox champ King Cheetah represented Egypt and Fitbox competing against The Tanzanian Super Welterweight fighter. . The fight ended with King Cheetah winning his Third Title Belt and the WBF International Super Welter Weight.

  • Life Fitness Workshop: Dec 4th

    Life Fitness WorkshopTwo days of a fitness workshop, accurately, a real fitness experience that was brought by Life Fitness Academy and powered by Fitness Pro at Body Temple – Lake View. LFA global instructors; Nick Mennell, Andy Philips, and Paul Russell, conducted theoretical sessions for the participants, as well as practical application for them. The 2 days were not free from fun as the instructors were very keen on this side and conducted the mannequin challenge at the end of the second day. The workshop was attended by many fitness gurus like Ali Abu Ghaben, Tarek Shorbagy, Alaa Ashamwy, Loay El Sergany, Hadeer Harery, Saif Hussein, and mostly important the former first lieutenant in the Egyptian Armed Forces Ahmed Abdel Latif that lost one of his legs in one of the armed attacks in Sinai.


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