3 Things Not To Do If Trying To Get Ripped Fast

Get Ripped Fast


Here are a few things you shouldn’t be doing if you’re trying to get toned fast.


If you’re focused on building lean muscle & some definition then you need to work on exercises that simulate more than one muscle and exert as much energy as possible at the simultaneously.


Machines are an easy way to make you feel like you had a good work-out.  In reality, machines have a bad effect on your body in the long run but altering your natural range of motion, limiting your body, and leaving you with joint pain and muscle strains.

Instead focus on resistance training for example.  Anything that gives you freedom to use your own body weight, push your own limits, and move at a flexible range of motion your body can sustain.



Your body is built to adapt so once it’s used to one thing is adapt.  In order to keep your body transforming make sure you switch up your routine each period.  This will help your body achieve more and speed up the results you’re looking for.

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