30 days of plank workout for getting ready for Summer

Plank Article

For any newly mother or just any woman who wants to have some bikini time in summer, there is always one common problem; “The belly fat”. However, exercising to lose it might not the easiest or most desirable solution for us because we will always have our list of excuses like:

  1. We don’t have time to go to the gym or even work out at home.
  2. We’re not motivated to start as we’re not sure of the result or feel it will be a long term one

What if we found a workout routine that combines all solutions to the problems that hinder us from exercising? Seems as a dream? But not with The 30 day plank routine” ! This workout works on toning the belly area and with applying the 30 day routine we will see a magical effect on our belly muscles. Mostly important, this routine tackles our main major problems when it comes to exercising.



No time

The 30 day routine grades the workout to start with 20 seconds until it reaches 5 minutes by day 30. Besides, plank is a simple workout that requires no equipment or specific guidance; we can easily do it at home.

No motivation to start

You might feel demotivated to start doing a 30 minute workout especially if you are a beginner. However giving from 20 seconds to 5 minutes of your day is not a big deal. In addition you will be giving it to an experimented routine that many people assured it has very effective results. And in 30 days you will get to lose your winter belly or pregnancy belly fat.

Moreover, plank workout doesn’t only tone belly muscles; it reduces back pain too.

How to do a plank workout?



3 dos & 3 don’ts

The dos:

Rest your forearms on the ground, keep your legs straight and slightly apart, and form a straight line with your body.

Voluntarily contract your torso muscles.

It’s very important at finishing the workout to relax the torso muscles and then return to the resting position

The don’ts:

If you didn’t keep your elbows in a straight line with your shoulders, you would overload your shoulder joints.

Don’t arch your back.

Don’t lift the gluteus.

The routine schedule





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