34 Egyptian Health Bloggers to Boost Your Wellness & Fitness Journey With

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Are you ready to take your health and fitness journey to the next level? Look no further! Egypt’s top bloggers are here to inspire and guide you in 2023. From the latest workout trends to nutritious meal plans, these influencers have got you covered. So, buckle up and join the health and fitness revolution in Egypt by following those 34 inspirational figures!

Hussein Abd El Dayem

Ignite Sahel

Hussein is the founder of the elite gym IGNITE, as well as an inspiring YouTube video creator. Your fitness & health journey will definitely take a huge positive turn with his tips.

Hassan Gabr, The Gorilla 

Hassan gabr

Hassan is the founder of “The Gorilla Life,” the first Egyptian fitness app and a leader in fitness and health. Hassan has been also a CrossFit athlete and ElFit champion.

Aly Mazhar

Aly mazhar

Aly is the founder of BeFit and an online coach. He will take you on a ride in his fitness journey that will definitely motivate you. 

Karim Ebeid

Karim Ebeid

Karim is an athlete and the fitness director of LA7. He will help you with many health and fitness tips on his page.

Maye Nour El Din

Maye nour El deen

Maye trains in calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, aerial arts, and pole fitness.

Mounir Kansoh

Mounir Kansoh

Mounir is a coach at LA7 gym and the founder of the Egyptian fitness application, The Fitness App. He is a former national gymnast.

Salma Ghazzawi

Salama Ghazawii

Salma is a strength and conditioning coach at Mind Gym and also represents Slingshot Egypt as a rider. She is an Adidas athlete and Azza Fahmy Jewelry ambassador.

Karim Dash

Karim Dash

Karim Dash is a fitness influencer who provides online fitness instruction under the name “Dash Fitness.” He also posts healthy recipes on his “Dash Cooks” account.

Mahmoud Ezz

Mahmoud Ezz

Mahmoud is the chief coach of LA7 and a fitness transformation coach.

Ingy Sweid

Injy Sweid LA7 Coach

Ingy is an online coach, a nutritionist, and a certified personal trainer at LA7 Gym Uptown Cairo. She is also a yoga teacher. 

Sam Samouny

sam samousy

Sam is a YouTuber who posts health-related knowledge and he is also an ISSA-certified online trainer.

Manal Rostom

manal rostom

Manal is the first Egyptian woman to climb Mount Everest. She is also an ambassador of Nike, and the founder of the “surviving hijab” Facebook group.

EAT-Ducate By Nour El Ganzoury


Nour is a Zumba instructor, SNN and ISSA-licensed nutritionist who shares nutritious food content in natural environments.

Maya Sarwat

Maya Sarwat

Maya Sarwat is a fitness coach and model, as well as a marketing manager. She is an athlete for Adidas. 

Aya Aqil

Aya Aqil

Aya is an online trainer who trains at Core Egypt as well.

Ahmed El Amin

Ahmed El amin

Ahmed is pursuing a PhD in physical education and delivers wellness advice in his content.

Farah Nofal

Yes Yoga - Farah Nofal

Farah is a licensed yoga instructor and health and nutrition coach. She is also a travel and fashion blogger.

Sarah The Unicorn

Sara el Badry

Sarah is the founder of Ironlifters and a functional coach at the Ahly Synchro Team. She is also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

Niveen El Kilany

Nivene Kilany

Niveen is an artistic gymnast, fashion designer, kite surfer, and PADI Scuba Diver.

Salma Taha

Salma Taha

Salma is a banker who coaches at MOVE Egypt and online as well.

Wael Suleiman

Wael Suleyman

Wael is a fitness professional and calisthenics master who is also an athlete for Squat Wolf.

Malouka, the hungry yogi


Malouka is a health coach and yoga instructor who shares her delicious vegan meals on her account and in her “Malouka Eats” store.

Coach Nayra

Coach nayra

Nayra is a coach at Fibers Club and an online coach who mainly offers nutrition plans for ladies.

Miracle Nassif

Miracle Nassif

Miracle is a fitness expert and an online coach.

Habiba El Kobrossy

Habiba El Kobrossy

Besides being a fitness model and an actress, Habiba is a TKD coach at ITC Egypt and a fitness coach at La 7 Gym.

Sherif Bendary

Sherif Bendary

Sherif, the founder and head coach of TWC Gym, is a kung fu and kickboxing champion.

Cherry (thewonderwoman)

Cherry (thewonderwoman)

Cherry has a taekwondo black belt and is a kickboxing coach.

Loai Abdel Kader

Loai Abdel Kader

Loai is a coach and the founder of Tycoons Fitness.

Sherif Alaa

Sherif Alaa Crossfit Main

Sherif Alaa will boost your health and fitness in different ways. He is the founder of S-Force and holds certifications as a fitness instructor, strength and conditioning coach, weightlifting MA, and EXOS performance specialist.

Noor: the trauma-informed mentor

Nour the trauma - informed mentor

You will be guided on your healing path by Noor, a trauma healing facilitator, Reiki master, yogi, and meditation instructor. 

Hassan Thabet 

Hassan thabet

Hassan is a fitness coach, model, EXOS certified performance specialist, and Body Pump & TRX Instructor.

Ahmed Kamal

Ahmed kamal

Ahmed is a partner at Z Fitness Studio Society and an online coach.

Ingy Noury

Ingy noury

Ingy instructs yoga, Pilates, air yoga, and many other classes at Ignite. She will take your flexibility journey to the next level. She was a rhythmic gymnast, ballet dancer, and triathlete.

Amy Nagaty

Amy Nagaty

Amy is a yoga and fitness coach. She has a studio that offer ladies-only classes.

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