4 Main Ways to Help You Lose Stretch Marks

4 Main Ways to Help You Lose Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are streaks or lines of lighter color than the skin. These fine lines happen to most women as a result of skin distension, when you gain or lose weight rapidly. They are also developed as a result of muscle growth; most bodybuilders tend to have these annoying lines on their skin. Stretch marks commonly develop during pregnancy. The main reason behind the occurrence of these marks is the expansion of the skin.

How to remove them?

A lot of women waste their money on buying expensive products that claim permanent removal for stretch marks, but unfortunately there is no proven way to completely remove them yet.

However there are some attempts to hide or reduce the appearance of stretch marks like various topical oils and creams. People also turn to laser treatments, chemical peels and ointments in attempt to reduce the development of stretch marks. These methods are used to stimulate collagen growth in the hope that the scar tissue can go away.

Physicians have acknowledged that most of the available treatments are proven to be ineffective because they don’t penetrate the deep layer where stretch marks really exist.

Here are some natural skin care methods that can help conceal the recent marks, however the results are not guaranteed:
1. Potato Juice

Potato Juice

There is another use for potatoes other than just frying them and using them in different food recipes. You can make use of them by slicing a potato and rubbing it onto the affected area.

2. Lemon Juice


Having a cold lemon juice has always been a good idea during hot weather, however many women believe it’s also essential for skin care too. Rub the juice onto the places where you have stretch marks in a circular motion for 10 minutes, wait until the juice dries then wash it off.

3. Shea Butter

Shea Butter

Shea butter is very effective at hydrating dry skin also it has shown its effectiveness in making recent stretch marks somehow fade. Apply it twice daily!

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Apply aloe vera daily to the affected area. It helps soothe and heal your skin which leads to diminishing stretch marks.


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