4 Steps to Prevent Gym Injuries

Gym Injuries

Injuries are obstacles to your goals, they can hinder you from working out, and even doing your daily activities. Too often, injuries occur in the gym. However, we can prevent some of these injuries from even occurring. Here are 4 main steps you can take right now to prevent injuries from happening:

1. Avoid Overtraining

gym injuries

Overtraining can put too much stress on the muscular and skeletal systems. When you do this on a regular base, the stress becomes too much and your muscles and bones become weak links in the body’s “kinetic chain.” So that irritating pain in your ankle didn’t just “happen” one day at the gym. It’s probably because you’ve been overtraining for some time and now the result is a bum ankle.

2. Clean up your technique

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One common injury that comes from overtraining is the development of poor form. Poor form is results in too much stress on muscles and bones.

This poor technique puts stress on the wrong parts of the muscle, or makes the muscle work different than what it’s supposed to do. Bad form can also occur from incorrect movement. Use the right form and technique to stay in the gym and out of the doctor’s.

3. Listen to Your Body

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Because your bodies love to tell you things, when you feel an injury has occurred or is occurring, don’t “tough” it out. This can result in more injuries or make it worse on the one you already have. Give yourself some rest especially on that particular muscle group. Common sense will definitely tell you what to do; rest it, ice sore muscles, compress muscular injuries (think like an ankle wrap) and keep your injury elevated.

4. Consult a doctor

gym injuries

You aren’t a pro. In case you have any injury, make sure to consult an orthopedic professional who can accurately diagnose your injury and get you back to your normal exercise routine in no time. 

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