4 things that you can do now to lose weight other than eating less

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Before raising your hopes up thinking that there is some secret in this article that will help you lose weight without being in a caloric deficit(eating less than what you burn), i am sorry to disappoint you because unfortunately there is no other way. However what this article will provide is some tips that you can implement immediately that can help you creating that deficit.

1-Eat more protein and vegetables

protein and fibres (found most abundantly in veggies) are the two food groups with the highest thermic effect of food.Thermic effect of food refers to the amount of energy you need to digest, and absorb nutrients in your food, so basically it is the energy your body put in to get the energy out of the food, the higher the TEF the less net calories you will absorb from food,also protein and vegetables are very satiating which means they’ll keep you full for longer.

2-Sleep more


They’ve done weight loss studies in sleep-deprived people and they found that being sleep deprived will make you more prone to overeating and will make you lose more lean body mass rather than fats which in the long term can affect your metabolism negatively.

3-Drink more water


well water will not dissolve the fats or raise your metabolism magically unfortunately but if you drink a cup of water before and after each meal it may keep you fuller and help you stick to your diet

4-Make few lifestyle changes

NEAT (Non exercise activity activity thermogenesis) is on the components of your daily energy expenditure and it refers to all activities you do out of planned exercise like taking the stairs, walking in the street to your car,shopping etc…They found that people labeled as ones with higher metabolic rate actually have higher daily values of NEAT.So doing just few changes to your lifestyle like ditching the elevator, parking a bit far from work and walking extra 5 minutes can help you accumulate some burnt calories throughout the day that can help you in creating the deficit we talked about.

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