4 Ways to Recover after a Gym Workout

4 Ways to Recover

People assume that working their ass off day and night every day at the gym will lead to faster and better results. Well this is a very common misconception as muscles need to have sufficient time to recover from an intense workout.

Recovering from an intense gym workout can be in the form of active recovery or taking full days off.

Active recovery includes different forms that are easy for almost everyone to do:

1. Massage your muscles

Massage is always a good idea to relieve stress as it helps muscles to relax. Have you tried it with a foam roller? It showed its significant effectiveness in relieving the soreness after muscles building workouts. Try moving a foam roller over each group of muscle until a tender area is found and apply pressure on them. Avoid joints and bony areas.

 2. Swimming

The feeling of water all over your body after long gym workout gives a warm and relaxing sensation. It doesn’t require a lot of moves or weights and thus it doesn’t add extra pressure on the joints or the cardiovascular system.

 3. Walking


Going for a walk helps you have a better mood and your sense of well-being. Also it’s really beneficial at burning calories. Your personal trainer should specify the amount of walking to do on your recovery days according to your fitness level.

 4. Lifting light weights

Wide-Stance Deadlift

Lifting weights might not sound the most prefect thing when you are feeling sore. But lifting 30% of the weight which you actually lift everyday can help relax you after your hard muscle building workouts.


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