4 Workout Moves For Quick Toning

4 Workout Moves For Quick Toning

Do you have a special occasion soon and you want your body to look toned fast? Summer is almost here and you want to put a sexy shaped body on the beach!

Only 5 moves can get you there.

1. Tone Those Arms

Whether it’s a strapless gown or a bikini there is no way you can hide the arms and upper body.

The workout:

Sit on your side, wrap one arm around your waist and place the other across your body

Lower your body towards the mat and then push back before touching the floor.

Tone your Arms


20 reps on each side will leave your arms pumped and buffed.


2. Tone That Waist

What is a corset for anymore? You don’t have to smother yourself behind that annoying corset anymore. It’s time for that tight dress and that bikini!

The workout:

Place your hands on a stair, step your feet back into a plank position.

Twist your torso while bringing your knee to meet your opposite wrist.

Tone your Waist


Build up to 50 reps


3. Tone That Stomach

Flat like a mat. Show off with the flat stomach that everybody wants!

The workout:

Lay flat on your back using a mat. Place a pilates ball underneath your butt.

Lift both legs up to the ceiling. Engage your lower abs, and lower one leg straight down to the ground but let it touch the floor.

Shift between two legs.

Tone that Stomach


Do 30 reps 


4. Tone Those Thighs

Why not a short dress?

The workout:

Step up and down onto a stair or a box, leading with the right foot and then swapping to the left.

Tone Those Thighs

Build up to 50 reps on each side


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