5 diet types that don’t help you lose weight

low-calorie diet

Your friend visits a nutritionist and she is given a diet plan at which you think is going to be perfect for you as well. You take it from her, stick it on the fridge, and all your family follows it. The thing is there is no single type of diet that can fit with everyone. In addition, not every magical diet that happens to make people shed kilos on the internet is a good choice.

A good diet must include all the essential nutrients for your health. Those are common diet types that don’t only result in weight, but also negatively affect your health.

  • The cabbage soup diet

    cabbage soup dietCabbage has endless benefits, but the problem with any one kind of food diet doesn’t give you all the necessary nutrients you need. This kind of diet is actually very tempting because it might help you lose 5 kilos in a week, but as they say easy come, easy go. Crash diets are not lifestyle systems to rely on for long.

  • The very low-calorie diet

    low calorie diet

    We all think that if the less we eat, the more weight we lose. While this is true for some time, what happens on the long run, when you follow a low calorie diet, is that your body goes into a starvation mode and your metabolism goes down which is the last thing you want when you’re planning to lose weight. By returning to eat normally, you will regain all the weight you lost.

  • The master cleanse diet

    master cleanse diet

    Cleansing is absolutely a good idea and many nutritionists recommend having a weekly cleansing day. But this is totally different from this type of diet. This diet makes the body depend completely for days on lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper mixed in water for nutrition. This is completely an illogical idea which will make you lose weight, but only water weight and muscle as well. This is extremely bad for your body’s health. What is worse is when you start eating solids again you will regain all what you lost.

  • The blood type diet

    blood type diet

    This diet is built upon the idea that what you eat chemically reacts with your blood type. That’s why there are certain foods for each blood type that help in losing weight. Although there are no claims that this type is harmful, there is also no evidence that this is scientifically true. So you might spend some time eating a certain group of food based on this theory and end up with no result.

  • The raw diet

    raw diet

    Whenever you ask anyone “How can I lose weight?” you will hear the most common answer “Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.” This diet is based on this misconception. It is a good thing to increase the quantities of vegetables and fruits in your diet versus processed foods. However your diet must be comprehensive and includes all types of food because definitely each has its own role for the body.

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