5 fitness equipment that will make your workout time easier


We’re bringing you some fitness equipment that will facilitate your workout time and help you avoid injuries.

  • Adidas ADWT-10014 4 Kg Neoprene Dumbbell

    Adidas ADWT-10014 4 Kg Neoprene DumbbellThis Neoprene Dumbbell assures safety while training because its Neoprene coating provides protection and comfort for hands plus impact resistance to protect property when you drop it.


  •  Reebook Workout Speed Rope

    REEBOK WORKOUT SPEED ROPEYou can use this rope to build agility, speed, and endurance. It’s 300 cm length, but it’s adjustable nature helps you cut it to your length and its lightweight nature assists you in concentrating on the foot speed.  It has a fast smooth motion.

  • Reebok Training Gym Ball

    Reebok Training Gym BallYou can get a perfect balance between support and instability in this ant-burst gym ball.  It ensures that in situations of puncture you do not get injured due to a sudden pop. It is very suitable for sit ups and back exercises. Its texture is grip.

  • Reebok Grip Trainer 2 x

    Reebok Grip Trainer 2x2 x hand grips with comfort foam handles and sturdy coil spring that improves hand strength.

  • Nike Fundamental 3mm Yoga Mat

    Nike Fundamental 3mm Yoga MatIt’s 24″W x L x 0.125″ H, has a center line emboss, and hand washable.


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