5 fitness icons of the Egyptian cinema

Youssef Mansour

It’s a very common thing in almost all cinemas around the world to attract famous athletes and fitness figures to participate in playing roles in their movies. The Egyptian cinema, as well, has its share of this along the years.

In this article, we’re reminding you of 5 of the prominent sports and fitness figures who shined in the Egyptian cinema and became part of it.

  • ElShahat Mabrook

    El Shahat Mabrook

    The Sylvester Stallone of the Egyptian cinema and as Sylvester starred “Rambo”, El Shahat Mabrook also performed the role of Rambo. But it was Rambo the Egyptian poor worker who too bodybuilding as his career in one of his famous movies “Amrika Shika Bika”, similarly to his real life.

  • Mamdouh Farag

    Mamdouh Farag

    Hey Enta!!” Who doesn’t know this famous phrase and quote him in many funny situations with friends. He has been a distinguished addition to the TV ads and the movies he participated in. Rest in peace great wrestler.

  • Ekramy


    He is one of the most clever goal keepers who came in the history of Egyptian football. Ekramy succeeded to live in our consciousness till now. He is a remarkable figure even for those who hadn’t been born at his time because of his distinguished movies, mostly important, “Yarab walad” and “Ragol faqad 3aqloh”.

  • Youssif Mansour

    Youssif Mansour

    No one can ever forget the way he mastered his action master scenes in “Qabdet El Helaly” movie running through fire and breaking walls. Youssif Mansour was one of the most important action figures of Egyptian cinema in the 90s who succeeded to beat the legend of evil, Hamdy El Wazir.

  • Mohamed Lotfy

    Mohamed LotfyMany athletes join acting, but not many succeed like Mohamed Lotfy. Mohamed Lotfy started with boxers roles, but he succeeded to become a lovable actor especially in comedy roles.

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